Introduction: Why was “Inside A Soul” created?


I have thought long and hard about creating a blog that contains information about my spiritual journey. I have been hesitant about creating this  blog because of all the Spirit blogs already in existence in the internet world. I do not want to copy another individual’s work, or another individual’s blog theme. But in the end I decided, after all, to create my own blog that  is, indeed, related to my spiritual journey. Not because I want to share my experiences with others, but because I have a yearning for my voice to be heard – and this blog is the easiest and most efficient way for my words to be heard, at least in silent speech. Many wise men and woman have said: in silence there is wisdom.

What do I mean by Spiritual Journey?

I use this term Spiritual Journey loosely because it has no set definition, it means something different to everyone. To me, Spiritual Journey is the essence and reason of living in my own life, in my own part of the world, and in my particular environment. So, spiritual journey is my way of saying “walk through life“. I wanted to create a place where I can record my points of view of my own reality, as well as to record major events of my own life. If there are others who read this blog, and I’ll be glad for that, then I hope my words are helpful to them.

Why was “Inside A Soul” created?

I am not going to say “I made this blog for me” because yes, that is partly true, but something in me is saying, that this blog is more than just for me alone, it is for others as well; other individuals who are searching for a way to find their own path in life, and want some words of encouragement, or to know that what they are doing is all part of the plan, the plan in their own life, created for and by them alone. I want this blog to be of empowerment to accomplish goals. Hence, the reason why the blog is titled Inside A Soul, and not Inside MY Soul. I share the belief that we are all connected, in some universal way, and through speaking about my experiences, or just voicing my thoughts, maybe others who do eventually read this will say “I now am beginning to understand what is going on in my particular reality (or situation)”.

What will be contained in this blog?

Anything, and everything, that is related to human existence and the human condition, such as:

– Emotion: Anger, Envy, Hatred, Sadness to Happy, Serenity, Love, Understanding – and so much more, these are just a few emotions I have felt along my spirit path, along my walk of life, and I’m sure there is no end to feeling these emotions or many many others.

– Life events: what has happened in my own life that helped shape me, break me, and mold me into who I am, was, and will become.

– Goals: We all have dreams, and I have dreams that will not cease to enter my thoughts. I want to write about my goals, my dreams, my everything, so that one day I will have the courage and the way to make them a reality.

– Other: Whatever else comes to my mind that may or may not fit the above categories… If they will be made into specific categories at all, even.

Conclusion of Introduction

This blog is a stepping stone for my own development. I am entering a new path in my life, and as I am ending an old, long, well walked battered path, I want to share my new view of my self and my own world, as well as bits and pieces of who I am, was, and will become.

– Stay true to who you Are, and may you find your own voice, even if in silent speech. There is a voice within us all that guides us, as well as speaks through us. Let that voice be heard, in any form. Create your own reality, color your world.

Peace & Love ❤

3 thoughts on “Introduction: Why was “Inside A Soul” created?

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  2. Welcome to WordPress! I’m glad you made the decision to join, especially since it was a calling within you. You never know who might get inspired by your voice or learns from your wisdom.. We all have a little to share, humanity is just like a big colorful puzzle, where each puzzle contains it’s own magic and wisdom.

    Looking forward to learn from you and “hear your voice”.

    Much love and light,


    • I will share MUCH on this blog with weekly posts. I hope you stay tuned and follow my blog! And yes, if I touch someone’s heart or inspire someone by my blog, that’d be a nice treat as well. I feel I have a lot to share and offer to others. Thank you for your kind words!

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