Within the Darkness of Existence

The dark is only fearful if one looks at it with fear. If one peers into the dark with open eyes, and silent mind, one may find that it is not dark after all, just a dimmer light of existence. Shadows then form, and soon the essence of being is seen. Nothing is how it seems. Or is it? Good is good, bad is bad, but we all have our own definition of these two terms. Just like we all have our own characters who play a part of our life story, who play a part of each of us, who are a part of each of us, and we are all connected in some form, some mystic way, on the spiritual plane of existence. We. Are. One. We exist. We are real. Even if this life is but a dream, or one big computer system that may shut down, crash, and hard drive wiped clean… our lives will be lived… memories remain within our souls… our genetics… we pass down our knowledge to our children who pass it to their children and so on… in the circle, spiral of life, made up of systems within systems within intricate systems with tiny nuances of existence… smaller and smaller they go, more compacted, complex they are… life. Always is. It exists… in more forms than human….. more forms than we could imagine… more than just human… we aren’t everything… we are just one aspect of the worlds of existence… we are just one being… an ant in the solar system; a microscopic system in the scheme of the universe.

We are all connected in the spiral of life


Through the darkness… we are found.

Monthly Affirmation


My head hurts now… I’m going for a hot bath and warm tea. Peace & love ❤


Hibiscus Tea

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