Holy Solitude

Through our tears we have ears; our heart is telling us to listen. Our tears are sacred, since they hold the silent truths of our deepest emotions. And that often times makes us feel as if we are alone.

This lonesomeness, in one of the most vulnerable states of being human, crying my emotions, almost always in solitude, I use to feel depressed. Now, I welcome it, because in solitude does wisdom flow… flow through the tears.

After the anguish and pain or emotion has been released, and the salty tears ceased, we then are lifted, in a sense, lighter, as if some necessary emotion to express was expressed and released. A sniffle is all that is left. Then… all is calm. At this moment thoughts are slow, or pass on by, because we are now tired after crying so many tears… there is no room for judgment on our own thoughts. We let them pass on by like a cloud on a Spring day in May… we feel empty, a nothingness… but it holds peace and serenity, as if this is the state we are truly to be: in this state of calm ‘nothingness’, as our thoughts float on by with little acknowledgement.

A humming is soon heard from within us, and a warmth is felt in our chest; we now truly hear the essence of our being, and it is like music to unheard ears. We realize the music is not outside but within… in sacred solitude we found our muse… our music to our ears… the humming energy of being; some call it “om”, or a connection with GOD, and others call it the sound of the waves within the ocean. Some say it sounds like a whistle in the wind. the deeper we go into this solitude. We then contemplate on ways to return to this state, and as we contemplate we learn that this state is in our being always, we just need to listen to our essence within. The moment we stop judging, we find this inner peace, this inner humming, this connection with the earth, universe, and beyond; we feel GOD, the universal “om” within us, not without. We learn that we are guided from within and not from without, and it is a beautiful experience, even if it often times comes noticed only after a beautiful disaster…

In sacred solitude we will here the whistle of the wind… can you hear it? Listen… what is it saying? Hush… don’t speak the words, don’t think… feel it… take note of the sensations you are feeling, but do not put a word to it… maybe you are feeling a heat in your being now… perspiration upon your skin, perhaps… a ringing in your ears… do not fear the noise… it is from within us… like the great humpback whale that sings for its mate and navigation… make noises that we take as lyrical notes… our beings do the same. We are not just the sum of our parts. There’s an essence within our being that is never changing but ever present… it is the link that connects us to our ancestry, our heritage, and it holds our ancestral memories. We learn we are one race… color, culture, language and belief cease to matter… We are all connected by this invisible link. In one spiral journey, we are truly one… but the true way to come to this realization is the ceasing of our thoughts

Holy solitude… sacred vibrations from within… something even science can not define, there are no real words to define it. It is not your imagination, that whistle you here, that hum you feel, that tweeting almost like a bird sound, its not from outside, it’s from within… feel it, learn it, know it… trust it. The essence within you… it is more than primitive speech, because it’s not something outdated. It’s something ancient, yes, but very real today because it is always there, always existing, no matter the evolution of our species, it is and always will be. Part of you… part of me… the essence of ‘we’.

We are more than just a mind with words, intellect, and belief. We are more than a brain with different channels and neurons. We are more than skin, bones, muscle, tissue and organ. We are Spirit, a spirit that is part of nature, and the universe with its many solar systems and galaxies. We are all connected by this essence of being. It’s not to be defined by science, but felt in our hearts, and can be felt through sacred, holy, solitude. Solitude…. Solitude. Be it… just. Be.

There is no set way to reach this state, no particular meditation or relaxation method. Just being in the moment is enough to reach this state of being. It may seem confusing at first, but in time you’ll learn that solitude isn’t lonely after all… trust your self, and you will see, the power of what it means to truly be.

Extra Extra: Monthly Affirmation (extra since there was no monthly affirmation posted in Feb)

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