Beneath the Willow tree

For anyone who has been following and reading my posts from the beginning of my blog [starting from The Whistle of the Wind], you may have come to the correct conclusion that I have a very active imagination. Instead of calling myself imaginative, I call myself intuitive, since most of the time the symbols in my mind often lead me to know something about myself, or lead me to a certain destination upon my path of life, even if I write about them or not. One such symbol is the willow tree.

In the fall of 2013 (for some reason, I have noticed as I went through some of my journals recently, that my mind seems to be active and spirit “most alive” in the early fall, in September and October, around the time of my birth), after talking to a friend online about the concept of past lives, a phrase came to my mind: The wisdom of the willow still flows.

I found it rather odd that the phrase would come to my mind, my friend and I didn’t mention anything about trees, let alone the willow tree. So, out of curiosity, I Googled the phrase, and found a Native American tale of the willow: Wisdom of the Willow tree [please click the hyperlink to read the Osage legend] it is related to the meaning of life and why people grow old. I wasn’t even searching for such a tale, but that phrase led me to it, and I found it very interesting. This is just one incident of many that has confirmed to me, my imagination is part of my intuition that leads to needed information/situations on my life journey.

The Native American legend led me to (briefly) research other cultures and if they have a symbol for the willow, and I learned that many do, Japan one of them, with the Spirit of the Willow  , and they all have similar traits: it’s related to life, birth, sacrifice/death. And the willow is always considered wise, for it prefers to be in solitude, away from the herd, and closest to the life source: water. So many reasons why some tales consider the willow wise.

And with the insight, later developed a poem. A year later the poem formed, but the result is as below: A poem of an ancient love, made under the sacred willow:

September 5th, 2014
Willow Tree

Beneath the willow tree
Is where you and I lied
On that summer night
Beside a lake that sparkled bright
From the reflection of the full moonlight
That also shined through the tree branches
Creating an illusion of shadow dances
Upon our bare skin
Between the shadow dance, specs of moonlight shined
Appearing like diamonds, the shadow’s dance partner
We danced with the branches
Beneath the willow tree
A ground dance in a lover’s embrace
The low hanging branches danced in the breeze
The moan whisper of the wind through the branches matched our own
Damp muddy embrace, but at least we weren’t alone
We had each other, in a loving dance
With the shadows and the branches
The moonlight creating diamonds on our skin
Two diamonds in the rough
Lost in each other
In a rare lovers embrace
Two souls in nature, but never alone
We are connected in the spirit dance of the willow
The shadow dance
Connected by the moonlight shine
That leaves us at night
Though gone, never forgotten
Memories do keep
The moon rises and falls, but always returns
With its return is the memory of this night
The moonlight keeps the memory fresh
At least I will always have the moonlight
Even if I lose my sight
I’ll know it is there within the night


May the spirit of the willow reside within you. Enjoy your life. Live, laugh, and spread love and joy. Peace and love ❤

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