(Rose Offner) “Journal to the Soul” Entry 8: Feelings


“write of your most frequently felt feelings. Remember, we are the ones who choose. Write about what you would like to be feeling and what you are willing to do to create those feelings.”

Rose Offner’s Journal to the Soul



My frequently felt feelings:

Anxious; indecisive; insecure; lost; content; hopeful; longing; loved; appreciated;


I feel anxious frequently because I hesitate on decisions and moving forward. I’d like to be feeling relaxed, sure of my Self, rather than anxious. To feel less anxious – or not anxious – I must do things that’ll push me forward.

I feel indecisive, insecure, and lost. I am unsure about my Self. Maybe because I never had direction in my home life, just existed in the shadows of others. I am having trouble making my own path because it is new territory that I am not familiar with. I am indecisive because of the abundance of thoughts in my head. I have passion, heart, but now I need the confidence to believe in myself so I can move forward.

I feel insecure due to the lack of direction, but I am finding my way, though at times it feels I’m walking blind. Through moving forward and having faith I will find ME, and accept and love ME.

On the other hand, I am content in life because I have a supportive and understanding family. My parents make me feel loved, appreciated, and I am hopeful for my future and I know everything will work out. Some way, somehow, I know life isn’t as difficult as it’s made out to be, but emotions are hard to handle. I long for independence and security within my Self.

~I am setting myself free ~

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