Symbol of Transformation

Hello? Is anyone out there? Can anyone hear me?

I am sinking… sinking… I am letting go of this life…

Or so it seems… I am dying, shedding the old skin of the past, the controlling Ego. I am letting it go…

My cocoon has been shed, and like the caterpillar I am transforming, transforming into a new existence of ME; my developed wings are drying, waiting to take flight.


Artist: Koh Sang Woo found @

Like the butterfly, we develop and transform on many levels. Like the butterfly, we start as an ovum, an existence so small and seemly insignificant… we grow and develop into a being we grow to accept as our self… we build a cocoon around this self so we can grow, develop, and to rely on the cocoon to provide nutrients to this self.

stage2 butterflysite

But then the time comes when we out grow our cocoon, and we must break free… in time we do, and once we do, we find we have wings. At first we are afraid to fly, our new existence is unknown to us, but the day comes when we do fly unconsciously… and once we realize we are flying, the former fear is long gone… we now have wings of color with a variety of patterns connected as one… we now can fly… we are free.

laststage butterflysite

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