Letting Go, Ego


Melanie Weidner, Elephant Journal

Breathe in (inhale)… Breathe out (exhale).

Breath is the essence of life, that which flows through and without our being.

Take a moment to breathe… to really breathe deeply and fully. Take note of the way your lungs fill, expand, and how it affects your body… To really breathe, letting go of control, you’ll feel your body relax, your mind stilling, becoming at peace; you will feel your shoulders aligning, your spine straightening; you will feel the breath through the core of your being, down your arms to your finger tips, down your legs to tips of toes; the breath truly flows throughout our entire being. Just as it expands, running through our being, it circulates back to its core, our central core… and this too is felt, can be felt, consciously… and the feeling is indescribable, and could change your thought process the moment it is truly felt, if you are to allow it.

With each deep, conscious breath, we are letting go of control of our controlling Ego, that which constricts our true self… we are allowing our true self to flow through and without our being. We are truly letting go of the controlling ego, but not to suppress it, but to allow it to work with us in a constructive way… allowing it to work with, not against, our inner light.

Some words from Esther Teule:

“Without us knowing it, there are many ways in which we keep telling ourselves we are not good enough. That we should be different, better or more generous. And each time we betray who we actually are, turning our backs on our ourselves, assuming that others will know better.

Recognize any of these?

1. Apologizing. Saying sorry in advance for not being competent, capable or nice enough. Making yourself smaller than you actually feel, afraid to take up room or annoy somebody. Especially women are good at this.

2. Ruminating. Thinking about what happened, what was said and how you behaved, feeling you should have done it differently. Next time I should… Let it go. There will be no next time, because all will be different then. What about trusting yourself and let go of control?

3. Believing love and validation must come from someone else. You believe you need it from outside, but no one can give it to you. Even if you had everyone around you declaring their deepest love and respect for you, you wouldn’t believe it. What you don’t believe, you can’t receive…What you really search for is your own love, your own warm embrace.

What if you stay loyal to yourself? What if you trust and enjoy your own innocence, company and brilliance? Don’t leave yourself. Walk with yourself hand in hand and promise to never let go.”

Take in the autumn scents… take in the coolness of the air… let the scent of a new season, a new day, fill you… let it take your control and lessen it to a greater sense of existence… the existing in the here and now… let your mind rest, and cease to sound out repeated thoughts… let it too rest in silence… in an inner bliss, felt within and without, to those conscious of the vibrant energies around us all… let go of control… let in breath… let in the essence of life… let your light shine from within to without…. Let go of control… let in freedom… freedom to exist, to be your true, essential, pure self.

Pranayama: the choice between control & freedom

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