The Light of the Sun

The colors are of great value to Mother Earth. They give life and strength to all living, and non-living, beings. The colors can not be described or explained, they just exist. They can not be seen by the human eye, but only by the blessed and wise. These are very rare. The blessed is hard to find, for they do not even know that they are blessed. This is what makes them blessed. They love all, good and bad, equally and wholly. They do not judge ignorantly, for they are far from ignorant. If you understand this, you may be one of them.

The light of the sun is of grand virtue. This sun is not our solar sun, but the one that gives light to all  beings, living and non, in all of the galaxies and billions of worlds (dead and alive). This light is rarely seen, only by those listed above (blessed and wise). This great light loves us all, good and bad, it does not judge us, as we judge ourselves. It does not make choices for us, for we make our own choices. It does not want our power, for it wants us to have Its power too. People confuse this, though. He doesn’t want to give His power willingly, because not everyone can handle the light and knowledge the light holds. It destroys the ignorant, the weak minded, for this reason, it is hard to reach its light, and those who tried, with no thought of only selfish, they were destroyed by the light, but by their own doing. It was not a punishment. It was a careless misunderstanding of the light.

Though do not feel bad for these souls who have took this fate. Being consumed by the light is a magical experience – you can almost be jealous of the fools. But please do not be, they do return, as a new born, ready to live again, for Eons and Eons and Eons, with little chance of seeing this great light. Yes, it is sad, but do not fear. We all have a chance to grow, to learn, to know. Each living creature gives us knowledge, no matter how simple or small. WE are to take in this knowledge, no matter how meaningless it may seem. This knowledge, even the knowledge the bacteria that makes up you, is what helps us grow. Helps us reach the great Oneness.

The light of this Sun is a humming glorious light… it is named The Great Om…

——————————-{ < 0 > }———————————

            The Great Om is hard to see, even if one is blessed to see the Glorious fiery white light. They can not see it on their own command. Many barriers have to be crossed to view this glorious light – even if this very light is calling for you. It has been calling me for years, this glorious light that lurks even in the shadows.

4 thoughts on “The Light of the Sun

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