A Blast from the Past: A Little bit about ME

Below is a post about me, a post I wrote around 4 years ago, and posted on a previous blog, Tales and Insights. I re-read this post and noticed how much I have changed since I’ve wrote it, and even my writing has improved since this post. Stay tuned for more from me, and enjoy!


I’ll introduce a little about myself here and what I know, well, received by my guides. I began my spiritual journey in 2007, though I have really been on it my whole life. I see what I call “images” because I do not know the correct word to call them, if there is even a correct word for them.

I have learned, through reading about the unconscious and meditation, and also by talking to a close friend (who I met online), that these (some I wont say all) images are of my different personalities from my past and my future. They are what make up who I am. Many do not see these images, I guess many would call them “archetypes” that seems to be the common word for them (I think). I use to see them frequently, but once I began meditating they came about less. I mainly see now are twin boys, and a ballerina – symbols of my past, present, and future… I will speak more of the twins and ballerina later, they came about after I did an Apple Meditation.

I began writing in November of 07. I have many ideas for fictional novels, though they are not that fiction to me. They are about the archetypes in my mind and my different personalities. I have always been a quiet person, one who keeps to themselves and locked in their own mind. When I was a child I use to create stories of these images I see and many of the stories have stayed. One story I have finished (which is an 183 word paged single spaced document). In the beginning I meant for this story to be short, but it grew. I worked on and off for three years – it is a symbol of my life as it is now and in the past. It’s part of me and my family. I have about seven other novels yet to complete, and that’s just fictional work. I have a couple of spiritual stories started as well.

My major is psychology and sociology, but I will be beginning social work soon. I am at the beginning of my studies, but I still have received a lot of insights over the years of this world, and some hints of what is beyond. I feel I was brought to this world to spread the word of the Universe, help reveal those “secrets” that many have kept hidden. I feel I’ll make an impact somewhere in a major way.

I have many guides; I use to think I created them myself. I use to not pay too close attention to them, but one day a dawning came to me. I couldn’t ignore them or assume that they are my own creations. It wasn’t anything dramatic, but in ‘09, I’ll say sometime in September, I was sitting in my school library contemplating, again, about the world and beyond. I pondered about heaven, if there really was a hell, God, Satan, excreta. I saw a flash from the corner of my eye, to my left, of an image that looked to be a man. I felt its presence, though I couldn’t see it fully. This image told me I was one of the “chosen ones”. I didn’t know what that meant then, and even now I can’t say I am too sure. Maybe I am modest. The voice was a bit muffled, but its presence stayed. I can’t remember if he spoke to me more, he may have, but this image came more and more after that meeting. I portray this image as a he.

When I first decided to get in contact with my guides was, again, sometime in ‘09, but was earlier in the year. I’ll say in early March. I read a short book on Angels, I cant remember the exact title, but it was small. I read it in less than an hour. It said something about writing; sitting somewhere quiet with a note pad, clear your mind the best you can, and think of a question to ask your guardian angels. After you asked the question you must write the first words that come to your mind – the very first words which are hard to catch.

So I did this. I asked in my mind, as if I knew someone was near. I asked: What is your name? The name I got was: Ezekiel. I immediately became a bit frightened, I never heard of the name then, to be honest. Well, I wasn’t scared. It was more of shock and uncertainty, but I asked another question. I asked what is heaven like, and my response was: heaven is where all is in harmony with one another. All sing the same song.

That is not exactly what I received, but the message was short. It was about harmony, no one judged another the way we do here on earth. “There is an equal understanding that goes without words. One does not speak like one speaks here upon earth. The language is of emotion, a smile can say a lot.” That is what I received now (2/16/12). It was the similar message I received in my first meeting with Them. I will say ‘them’ because I am pretty sure there was more than one who was listening.

I speak to many different guides, both who have a voice of either male or female, but a lot of the time I can not tell if it is male or female who I am speaking to. The one I call Ezekiel is the one I spoke to the most, in the beginning. I know they do not have names. They give us a name if we ask for one, but it is more of a code than a true name. They recently told me that names are codes, but do not define who we are, but the letters have a unique meaning that fits each one of us. We have an earth name, and a spirit name. The spirit name can only be understood outside the body, but if one studies the art of numbers (not the math you learn in school, but an ancient art that takes years to master) you can learn your true name and receive certain messages more clearly. It is hard for Them to talk to us with words, they communicate with emotion. This is why at times, though most do not realize, that we just get flashes of places and people. Sometimes a place you may never have been, or a place that looks as if you created it on your own, but the place is real. Most of the great works of authors, such as Shakespeare, and other ancient authors that defined the way we write stories in the modern world, used their spiritual experiences and insights to create their worlds. It is their way to express their inner feelings and what they know about the world and beyond, if one knows how to decode their works they’ll learn great things… but it is almost impossible and a long process. Much of these ‘great works’ aren’t the potential they once were, but it is still possible to understand their messages.

The Angels, if that is what you want to call them, and the Spirits who speak to us they do so through the scope of our understanding. This is why many do not feel the answer they receive from God or the Angles, or assume they do not hear or are not listening. The Angels respond to you instantly, because they are always there and are willing to help you in anyway as long as you listen and speak to them. If you are locked inside your conscious mind, which many are, it is hard for their messages that come from the unconscious to reach the conscious mind. The messages, which come as an image or numeric code, come to the conscious mind as words, but the words can only be the words you know. It is hard to form some messages into words if one does not know the words that the message translates to. This is why it is hard for many to understand God’s message, which is sent through his guides (both who are the so-called Angel and advanced Spirits). An Angel is a pure soul.

Art is another wonderful way many of us express what we know, what we receive, and capture (or try to) what the others on the other side look like to us, and what the places beyond our scope of seeing (other worlds, other realities, dimensions, excreta). Art is another coded work. Modern art is not like the ancient art, many do not know how to capture a meaning into a painting, but there are still some great works out there that should be studied by those who want to. Art – of all forms including music – is a great way to express ones spiritual self. It should not be ignored or taken lightly, or taken for granted like it is by many.

I do a lot of drawing. A lot of what I draw represents, to me, the inner depths of my mind and my emotions. I will share a few of my drawings here when I feel the time’s right to.

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