Dream Journal Entry 6: The Question of Immortality

“In the majority of cases the question of immortality is so urgent, so immediate, and also so ineradicable that we must make an effort to form some sort of view about it. But how? My hypothesis is that we can do so with the aid of things sent to us from the unconscious – in dreams, for example. Usually we dismiss these hints because we are convinced that the question is not susceptible to answer. In response to this understandable skepticism, I suggest the follow considerations. If there is something we cannot know, we must necessarily abandon it as an intellectual problem. For example, I do not know for what reason the universe has come into being, and shall never know. Therefore I must drop this question as a scientific or intellectual problem. But if an idea about it is offered to me – in dreams or in mythic traditions – I ought to take note of it. I even ought to build up a conception on the basis of such hints, even though it will forever remain a hypothesis which I know cannot be proved.” – Jung’s Dreams, Memories, Reflections


I am going to start by writing about a dream I had close to 2 years ago. It was about spirits and my spirit guide warning me not to speak to the spirits. I was in my room sleeping, but woke up with a feeling of someone in my room. I listened and felt spirits were trying to talk to me so I listened and tried to forget the fear that was rising inside of me. I felt a heaviness like a weight was placed on my chest, as they came closer, but still I kept listening. Then a male voice said ‘don’t talk to the spirits.’ I thought ‘Ezekiel? You are real!’ then the voice came more sternly. ‘don’t talk to the spirits’ I think woke up when the spirits grabbed at me (5 of them) and began to shake the bed. I woke up with my heart pounding and my room pitch black. It took me a long time to fall back asleep.

A few months later I had dreams about spirits again, this time they had a form. One was a female, 3 males but non of their faces were clear. I was in the dinning area of my house when they first came to me. I told them to go away, but they wouldn’t. I went out back, it was evening close to twilight. They followed and became more persistent. I said ‘no! Stop, go away!’ but they wouldn’t. they pulled at me and tried to speak, but I only heard murmurs and hums, but their tones were pleading and I had this feeling they wanted help. The feeling of a weight being placed on me came again and I once again woke up with my heart pounding, but I fell asleep more easily than the last time.


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