Spirit Walks and Nature Talks 1

“There does seem to be unlimited knowledge present in nature, it is true, but it can be comprehended by consciousness only when the time is ripe for it. The process, presumably, is like what happens in the individual psyche: a man may go about for many years with an inkling of something, but grasps it clearly only at a particular moment.” C.G. Jung dreams, reflections, memories

From Ted Andrew’s: Nature-Speak: Signs, Omens and Messages in Nature

7 major archetypes of Carl Jung found in Animal-wise: Archetype – characteristics – common symbols in nature:

Archetype: self Characteristics: ego, individual Common Symbols in Nature: home environment, complete

Archetype: feminine characteristics: mothering; birth; beauty; receptivity; acceptance; creative/intuitive common symbols in nature: cave; holes in trees; tunnels; blossoming plants; archways; bushes; nests; eggs; pods; ponds and lakes; night; moon; water; female plants and animals

Archetype: masculine characteristics: fathering; initiation; organizing; fertilizing Common symbols in nature: seeds; pollination; tall trees; sun; stems; fire; mountains; daytime; male plants and animals

Archetype: heroic characteristics: facing difficulties; overcoming; healing Common symbols found in nature: healing plants and herbs; immature plants and animals; storms; animal plants; new growth; survival adaptation; struggling plant growth

Archetype: adversary Characteristics: agent of change unexpected; tearing down obstacles Common symbols in nature: stinging and thorny plants; storms; overgrown areas; swamps; natural disasters; erosion; struggling plant growth

Archetype: death/rebirth characteristics: ending and beginnings; sacrifice; crises; new life common symbols in nature: marshlands; seasonal cycles; perennial plants; bogs; environment changes; border areas; natural interactions

Archetype: journey characteristics: movement; development; aging common symbols in nature: pathways; hills and mountains; rivers and streams; dear trails; winds; growth’ perennials

~~Follow your path, where ever it may lead, no matter how winding it may be~~

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