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It is funny. I began Yoga as a way to clear my mind, but also with the thought of learning to do the splits. I wanted a strong, controlled mind, but also a strong body without too much strain on my joints, hence something without weights, an activity I can do with my own body weight. My initial thought of learning the splits was on a physical level, until I learned the symbolism of Hanumanasana. Through the study of this posture, after 2 ½ years, I have come to understand the true meaning as to why I wanted to learn this pose. Lord Hanuman, ‘Monkey-King’, is said to be a great warrior, born from the wind. With his strong, elephant like legs, and with the guidance of the wind he was born from, he leaps over hills, mountains and rivers, removing obstacles in his path. He is a symbol of self-control, service and devotion to a cause, in disguise of a monkey – an animal of hyper energy and mischief. Hanuman is devoted to Rama, he whom he helped in the Battle of Lanka. Hanuman appeared to Rama in the time of disappear and destruction, and through his devotion and service, thought his high energy, strength and great leaps with assistance of the great winds, he helped Rama win the battle of ‘good and evil’, and to be reunited with his love, Sita.

‘Monkey-King’, the word, has been in my mind for sometime. I researched the world, and through the research I came across Lord Hanuman. An image of a statue with features of a monkey came to my mind, and I found the miniature statue online, but that particular image was sold out, so I bought a different figure of Hanuman, instead. With the find of this statue, my perspective of my current life situation changed, and the beginning of my ritual alter began. I imagined an alter with ‘spirit figurines’ for a few years now, and with ‘Monkey King’ as a central figure, my alter is in the process of creation. I even have an arrow necklace to place upon it, a symbol and connection to Rama that will surround the statue of Hanuman. I have a star pendent with a tiny diamond in its center, a guardian angel pendent too, to add to my alter, and a skull eraser that I used only once. I ordered a small pink baby in a baby carriage to symbolize my inner child that will be placed beside the monkey king. I have a pinky ring with two hands holding a heart, a symbol of love and togetherness, ‘helping hands’. With the alter creation, I felt a sense of release, a letting go of something old, to let in creative expression. To express my inner spirit eternally with images that have always been inside of me. My spirit alter is in its conception stage, ready to give birth to my spirit, my inner expression, the essence and creativity of ME.

P.S This insight came on the summer solstice, 06/21/17. I began 108 Sun Salutations (A), a symbol of the 108 Upanishads. I made it to 54 on the first day, did the next 54 the following day. I felt light and airy, calm, afterwards, and I still do. What a great way to start the summer.

P.S.S. My internship is ending. A new beginning is forming. I see a light at the end of this long, winding, tunnel of insecurity and fear. The end is near, it is near. I am nearly reborn. I will be ALIVE again.

P.S.S.S: I am Libra, my middle name is Ariel. I am balance and justice, and of the skies. No wonder Hanuman has greeted me, an ultimate symbol of the power of devotion, with the wind as his guide and strength. No wonder the whistle of the wind was my first post on this blog too. Hint hints. Wind, leaps, devotion. Peace and ❤

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