Spirit Walks and Nature talks #5: How Nature Speaks to Us

From Ted Andrews, Nature-Speak: Signs, Omens and Messages in Nature

Think of interpreting Nature encounter in a way similar to dream interpretation. Dream images can have multiple meanings that apply to several areas of our life. A dream of a quarrel with a family member may indicate an actual quarrel with someone in your family or it may indicate you are quarreling with yourself about a decision you must make. It may mean something you are eating, quarreling with your body’s health – all interpretations apply to YOU.

“Our subconscious might send us several dreams in the night, centered around the same issue. It uses a different scenario in case we didn’t quite get the message correctly the first time. E.g. we dream of quarreling with family, and second dream that night is that all family members are on vacation and everyone around is arguing and preventing you from enjoying your vacation. A third dream may occur in which you’re struggling to swim across a lake to the safety of your home. All reflect emotions in turmoil and that’re affecting your peace, that of your home. There’s always a common thread running through these dream series.

“Signing/omens/messages from Nature are often similar to dream communications. Our subconscious mind will stimulate the senses so that we notice in Nature what’s important to us or some aspect of our life. The encounter experience will provide insights into several areas of our life simultaneously. E.g. you’re struck by the ‘whisper’s of the breeze’ through the pines. You remember an old folk warning about telling secrets around a pine tree. I’ll whisper it to all the other pines and before long, the secret’s out. The message could be a caution about revealing any one’s secret; keep confidences. It may be telling you that there’s whispering going on around you at work. If you’ve been suspecting this, Nature may’ve given you a confirmation, even though that wasn’t your primary focus. Messages in nature are often multidimensional.

“Just as several different dream scenarios in one night can provide different ways of looking at the same issue, if the message’s important, Nature will present us with several experiences or encounters to help ensure that we get it. These experiences will have a common thread, e.g. you’re not sure if you should ask for a necessary raise at work, you’re not sure if you should ask, or how to ask. As you are walking in nature, you spot a great blue heron soaring down and lands soft in a pond. You watch as it spears a fish and then stands calmly in the water. You continue your walk and you come across an area that’s covered with acorns. You see the oak from which they had fallen.

“In first, we see heron gliding confidently down, spearing, directly and then standing patently. This could reflect a need to be straight, direct, and calm in your approach in asking for a raise (just glide in and do it).

“The acorns turn into great oaks. This could be encouragement for you. Make your request. If you don’t, the acorns will never grow. (pp. 40 – 41)

Symbolism of Nature (pp. 43 – 44)

Symbols express that for which we’ve no words, touching both objective and subjective realities. They span the world of thought, and the world of being. They provide a means of understanding and interacting with the true world of hidden realities within us and our life. They open us to that which we’ve ignored of been unaware. They’re a means for the conscious mind to recognize and discern information from the subconscious mind which attends to everything that goes on within and around us.

“Symbols (language of unconscious) derive from archetypes (universal energies found throughout the world) and thus at some point in our use of them, they lead us back to those archetypes.

“Everything in nature’s potentially symbolic, with the ability to reflect something about hidden forces at play within our life. i.e. at the core of everything we encounter in nature (and in all of life) lies an archetypal force. E.g. a flower opening its buds and blooming reflects the energy of emergence and new beginnings of an archetypal Journey. A storm may reflect the intense emotions we’re battling with and thus are tied to the archetypal Adversary – forces we must direct, over come or control for change to occur. The opening, hidden at the base of a tree, may reflect something about potential of a new idea or endeavor, since all openings are a reflection of the archetypal feminine – the creative and birth giving energies.”

Meaning of colors in nature (48 – 51)

  • Black: found both in animal and plat kingdoms. In plant kingdom, black’s most often accent coloration or in the fungus and mushroom groups of plants. No matter where black’s found, it’s often associated with mysticism, magic, and new birth. It’s a color of quiet strength and protection. It can indicate a need for secretiveness and sacrifice. Black is also associated with the feminine energy, the creative and intuitive. When found with other colors, it often indicates a grounding or, even, a more mundane energy or issue at play.

  • Blue: [Birds, flowers, herbs, fruits, moths] Regardless of the shade, [blue] is a color reflecting truth and happiness, in some area of our life. Blue brings energy of expressiveness and increased perception. If the blue is capturing your attention, be careful about loneliness or fault finding. It reflects a time for interactions that’re more social and for trusting your perceptions. It reminds us to maintain calm and to trust that all will be well. It’s quietly and soothing. Deeper shades of blue appear when healing’s needed – on both physical and spiritual levels. It can indicate a need to reign in our nerves. If we don’t trust our intuition, indigo and darker shades of blue will catch our attention in Nature. When it appears lighter shades of blue, we may need to deal with some aspects of depression (either in us or in someone close to us) there may be a need for more social activities.

  • Brown: – most common colors of Nature. Whether found in animals or plants, it’s always a reminder to stay grounded. It’s a color that often denotes a time of practically and strength. It can also reflect a tendency to be overly critical at this time. When plants and grasses are turning brown, we need to examine our resources. Are we allowing them to dry up? Are we using them freely? Do we need ‘fresh water’ (activities/creativity, ect.) in our life? Brown’s a reminder to keep our feet on the ground. It’s a time to be practical and to apply common sense to situations going on around us. It can be a reminder to take care of the mundane things in our life.

  • Green: – color of nature, found in all kingdoms. Usually reflects something related to growth, and abundance, and healing in our life. It can confirm that we’re on the right track and growth and movement is occurring in its proper time and space. Brighter greens and even toward the blue range, provide positive clues in regards to friendships and relationships, especially in regards to issues of trust and faith. It’s a healing and often presages a renewal in a relationship.

  • Yellow-green – color of nature found in all kingdoms. Greens can indicate a need to move through some emotional imbalances and uncertainties. This yellow-green can indicate that things and activities may be premature or that some haling in an area of your life’s necessary.

  • Gray: – color of nature found in all kingdoms. Traditionally, this is a color of ‘ancient’ teachings and clarity of mind. When it stands out for us, it reflects a need to trust in the imagination or a need to keep it in balance. Gray’s the color of clouds and fog, so when it captures our attention, it can reflect things are hidden from us at this time. It can even indicate that people around us are hiding things from us. Do we need to be more careful about what we revel and to whom?

  • Orange: is a color of warmth. Most commonly found among the flower, insect, bird, and reptile kingdoms. It’s appearance most often reflects that new energy, new creativity, and new job at hand. Now’s time to balance your worries and recoup your energies. Orange moves us to act. It’s time to seek out new activities, especially if they’re ones we’ll find enjoyable. We’ll have the energy and time to purse creative activities, if we initiate them NOW. Peach shades are often indicators of a need for a little more protection. Is someone being overly sensitive? Are we allowing emotions to get out of control? Do we need to be more protective of our emotions?

  • Red: in nature, this color’s striking wherever it’s found. It’s a color of sexuality, passion, strength and it always indicates strong energy around us and our life. Traditionally, red’s associated with love, passion, sexuality, and even anger or revenge. With this strong energy around us we may need to be careful about impulsive and aggressive behaviors. It may also indicate that we need to be more creative and showy in our endeavors. This isn’t a time to hide in the back. Red always catches the eye. This may be the time for you to catch the eye of someone. Maybe this is the time to pursue something you desire. The energy to do so successfully is strong. Darker shakes of red can indicate that we need to be more careful about how and where we express our physical energies. Are we over extending ourselves? Pink is used to treat skin conditions in color therapy, and our skin is our largest sensory organ. Pink in nature often contains a message about sensitivity or lack of it. Lighter pink shades in particular can indicate over-sensitivity around you. Are you or someone around you being immature and overly sensitive to the truth? Pink reflects issues of compassion and of the heart and in Nature, it can help sooth emotions.

  • White: found in all of nature’s kingdoms. It reflects energies of truth. It’s soothing to our spirit and indicates the presence of spirits around us in some area of our life. When white appears predominantly, we may have messages coming to us soon from the spirit world. White’s always a reminder to follow our creative inspirations. If it’s capturing our attention in nature, we may need to look at how we’re or aren’t expression our creativity. Now would be a good time to follow any creative pursuits. If we have doubts about issues or activities or even people in our life, white’s a color that reminds us to be patient. The doubts will soon be alleviated. We’ll get our answers.

  • Yellow/gold: when yellow and gold colors appear strongly to us through nature, it indicates issues of communication are at hand. Now’s the time to trust in your inspirations and avoid being overly critical. It can even indicate that new learning opportunities (formal/informal) are at hand. Their appearance’s are usually an encouragement to take advantage of them, especially if the yellow leans toward the lighter lemon shades. Yellow and gold often reflect a renewal of enthusiasm in some area of our life. The pressures will be lifted and the joys’ll return. Lemon shades and even lemon fragrances encountered are indicators of a cleansing that’s in process. This may be a health or an emotional cleansing – for you or someone close to you in some area of your life.

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