Dream Journal Entry, 13: Animosity

The dream is a natural occurrence, and there is no reason why we should assume that it’s a crafty device to lead us astray. It occurs when consciousness and will are extinguished.

Animosity – manifestation of both the anima and animus. The anima causes illogical moods, and the animus produces irritating platitudes and unreasonable opinions. Both are frequent dream figures. They personify the unconscious and gives it peculiarly disagreeable or irritating character. The unconscious in itself has no negative qualities. They appear only when personified by these figures and when they begin to influence consciousness. Being only partial personalities, they’ve the character either of an inferior woman or of an inferior man. A man experiencing this influence will be subject to unaccountable moods, and a woman will be argumentative and prejudices opinions that are beside the mark.

A dream belongs in series which promotes a continuity of consciousness. Dreams are the visible links in a chain of unconscious events. – C.G. Jung, Collective Works Vol. 3


When I was 13 I had a dream of a black thing chasing me. It had no form. It came into my bedroom in the morning and began climbing the latter to get me (then I had a bunk bed I shared with my sister). I jumped off and left the house. I was about 13 when these type of dreams began to happen. It use to be this black thing, then soon began to take other forms – always men. Movie characters and strangers too. Whatever was in my mind at the time. Every few months I have this similar dream.

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