Year 3: Dreams, Reflections, and Creative Expressions

Like a caterpillar whom transforms into the butterfly, I and you are forever evolving.

I have entered my third here at, and I still enjoy posting my writings, insights, and information on Analytical Psychology, Mythology, Art, and tid-bits of the growing pains and emotions of life. This year was mixed with the typical reflections of my mind, in relation to Art and Mental Illness. In an art post of mine, I posted some of my first and most recent drawings – the good and bad of technique doesn’t matter, but emotion sure is there in each picture I draw. Also, I have posted some of C.G. Jung’s work that has related and influenced my life and mind, to which I will still continue to post once a week on a monthly bases beginning January, 2018.

Along with the mentioned posts have been glimpses of the subconscious mind through my Dream Journal series, to which shows connections within my dreams that help tell the story of my life. Furthermore, this year I have posted tips about how to find and notice omens and symbolism within nature that helps us in our life, with Ted Andrews – Nature-Speak tid-bits. I also posted a few short stories of my own, that too shows a glimpse of my active imagination. Mixes of all these posts were sprinkles of affirmation and Yoga insights with humor, hope and encouragement. Most recently I have re-blogged some of my favorite and most meaningful blog posts here, where I also submitted to Harness Magazine (

Artist of featured image: Alex Grey

Below are the most viewed posts of this year:

Art and Schizophrenia [reflection category]

Willow Rose, CH. 2 [Creative expression category]

Knowing YOU [YOGA article and affirmation]

The Artist in me [reflection category]

Spirit Walks and Nature Talks #7: the Archetypes Found in Nature [psychology and tools for self development category]

Fear not to [Yoga Article]

Hanumanasana [Mythology; Creative Expression category]

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