Dream Entry #15: Psychological Treatment

“- Psychological treatment may end at any stage in the development of without one’s always or necessarily having the feeling that a goal has also been reached.

– There’s in the psyche a process that seeks its own goal independently of external factors and which frees me from the worrying feeling that I myself might be the sole cause of an unreal and maybe unnatural process in the psyche of the patient.

– “hanging on” as it is called may be something undesired by both parties. Something incomprehensible and even unendurable, without necessarily bring negative to life. It can be a positive “hang on” which represents just for that reason a unique situation that demands the maximum effort and therefore enlists the energies of the whole man. “Ars to totum requirit hominem”, is just whom we seek, homo totus. The labors of the doctor as well as the quest of the patient are directed towards that hide, unmanifested, “whole” man. The right way to wholeness is made up, unfortunately, of fateful detours and wrong turns. It’s a longissimaria. Not straight but stalk like, a path that unites the opposites, in a manner of the guiding caduceas, and whose labyrinthine twists and turns are not lacking terrors. It’s on this longissima via that we meeth those experiences whose are said to be “in accessible”. Their inaccessibility consists in the fact that they cost us enormous efforts. They demand the very thing we most fear, the “wholeness” we talk abut so glibly and which lends itself to endless theorizing, though in actual life we give it the widest possibility berth.” – C.G. Jung”

  1. [8.1.2011]Sometime n the first week of June I had a dream of meeting Eurydice (Egle) and Spenser, Becky too, in Lithuania. I dreamt of flying there and being driven to their home. They all were excited about seeing me. Even Becky, who I have never talked to before, but it was as if we had. She loved me as Spenser and Egle did. Egle and Becky kept touching my hair and hugging me. Spenser hugged me and kept smiling at me too. I recently saw a real pick of Egle and she looked similar as she did in the dream. I feel a real visit would be something similar to this dream. I have had a couple other dreams of Egle too. First one was back in early march, her and Spenser came and visited me at my house. Then another in late march, early April, of Egle traveling a lot on a plane, me too. We ran into each other on our travels. I even had a dream of making love to her and Becky. I liked that dream. Egle and I no longer talk, though. Oh well. 🙂

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