Spirit Walks and Nature Talks #9: Heartfelt Intuitive Connection

This is the last Spirit Walk and Nature talk I will post, which comes from Ted Andrews – Nature-Speak. Check out the book to find out how you can connect with yourself through the wonders of nature – even if you live in the city! I enjoy this book, and I hope you do. Stay well,  and prosper. Peace & Love ❤ Stay tuned for more posts from me! Never be afraid to have your head in the clouds, that is what dreams are made of, and that is how ideas are created for great change. Walk the path of solitude, a sacred walk with nature, when ever you can.

Heart felt intuitive connection (with nature)

  1. Enjoy your experience in nature: look and experience first, don’t worry about the messages, just experience and enjoy.
  2. Don’t worry about names of plants/animals: there’s much more to their essence than a label. Less focus on identifying/naming, the clearer the communications come.
  3. Try to see nature from new angles: try seeing through the ‘eyes of the forest’ or field. Lie down and look through the trees. Get the perspective “from the Earth”. Imagine yourself as part of Earth. Cover yourself with leaves and sticks, leaving face uncovered. Climb a tree if able.
  4. Mark landmarks: what stands out for you? Look back, occasionally, the way you come. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll see that was originally missed.
  5. Make mental notes/guessed about what you se and experience: note how many shades of colors, kind of plants and where, how many different bird sounds, ect.


Exercise: Cloud reading (pg. 54-56):

  • Benefits: aids in understanding symbols
  • Helps develop clairvoyance
  • Like a Rorschach Inkblot Test, clouds take on many formations and the images that you see can give you answers to questions. Nature often speaks to us through clouds.
  • Cloud readings are one of the oldest forms of divination (Celtic/druids)


  1. Pick a time when there’re plenty of clouds (lay back in grass if possible).
  2. Close your eyes and think of a question or problem.
  3. Stay relaxed, and as you look to the clouds, pay attention to any formation.
  4. Ask yourself some questions: – what does that image mean to me? – Is it positive or negative? – what else could it mean?
  5. Trust in any emotions that you feel. Remember that you will see and feel what your subconscious mind knows you can relate to. With every cloud divination you strengthen your ability to work with your symbols and subconscious. You develop your psychic power and by learning how to use this technique you’ve got a tool you can use anywhere as long as there are clouds in the sky.

Exercise: sacred walk (pg 58-59):

Benefits: develops awareness of nature’s communications – grounding and stabilizing – puts life and situations into perspective – calms fears – heals and blesses.

  • One of most beneficial ways to eliminate stress and to strengthen our connection to nature’s to take ‘sacred’ nature walks. Choose a park or woods in your area. Try to choose a place where there are trees and natural trails. Try to pick a place that has a stream/river/lake nearby (balancing all elements within your body). Walk at least an hour, at least once a week, in early morning or dusk.

  • Treat your walk as something sacred, a spiritual realigning of your body and its essence with Mother Nature. Don’t’ anticipate what you should expect to encounter. The idea is to merge with nature, to awaken and heal our senses and energies. Try to plan your walks so that it gives you time in different types of environments (open areas, trees, water, ect.).

  • As you step out along the trail, feel the earth beneath your feet. If your area has only a concrete walk way or bike path, step off of it onto the earth itself periodically. If it’s warm enough, at some point take off your shoes and socks so that your skin touches earth directly.

  • Notice if the earth’s hard or soft. By doing this in beginning, we’ll notice changes in the terrain more naturally as they are encountered. Know that with each step you’re grounded and stabilized, no matter what the terrain. Know that this groundedness and stabilizing will touch all aspects of your life when you leave

  • Periodically on your walk, pause and breathe deeply, in haling the fragrances of the air of nature. Know that with each breath your aura becomes cleaner, freer of stress. It becomes more vibrant.


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