American Girl/Boy Western Mining – Trekking and History (2/10/2018)

Back in February, think on the 10th, I went for a short hike with a family member in a historical area of Yuma, American Girl/Boy Western Mining near Winterhaven, CA. There are two sides to this mountain range of Gold and other mining minerals, one side is called American Girl, and the other is American Boy. Around this area you can see evidence of an old mining town, with rusted water tanks and run down areas that houses once stood. Somewhere near by is a hieroglyphic from centuries back, associated with a River Tribe in the area. A lot of hidden history and treasures here in the south west of Yuma, and some are not so obvious to notice. It is the subtleties in nature that tell the true story of the land. More information to come on this area.

I happened to be wearing a Prescott sweater, but no I wasn’t In Prescott at that time, haha.





Here is some Mining Info:

Western Mining History

Site Name

Primary: American Girl Secondary: Padre y Madre Mine Secondary: American Boy Mine Secondary: Oro Cruz Mine Secondary: Cargo Muchacho Mine


Primary: Gold
Secondary: Silver
Tertiary: Barium-Barite
Tertiary: Mercury
Tertiary: Zinc
Tertiary: Lead
Tertiary: Copper
Tertiary: Antimony


State: California
County: Imperial
District: Cargo Muchacho District

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