Tidbits from My imagination

Clearly this ‘poem’ was a reflection of my emotions and driving force during the late summer in 2015. This was a time when I was just beginning my first job, starting my career path as a Social Worker (or so I thought), and I had an interest in someone who clearly wasn’t seriously ‘Into’ me. I have always wanted a real relationship, to have love for another who will reciprocate it, you know, the basic human wants. I have learned to never settle for what is available at the moment out of so-called loneliness or an unfulfilled need, because in the end, I end up just that. Lonely, and unfulfilled.

Side note: I do not know why I started out with the part stating wanting to go to Tennessee. I do not have a drive to go to Tennessee to become a country singer! I think it came from some movie I was watching at the time, but it does symbol my drive to be successful.

Peace & Love ❤ everyone. Enjoy the summer! Though it has been summer in the desert southwest for the past month and half.

Featured image from: The Inner Path Facebook page

Summer, 2015

I am going east to Tennessee

I am going to ride that spiral wave of lights and rights and lefts and wrongs and your no goods that I’ve seen in my dreams

And never look back

That’s a fact

You mean

I want it all

I want it now

I am in control

You can’t control me

I am my own driving force

You can’t reckon with a woman like me

I am fire, and ice

I am everything sweet, nice, and equally spice

I have no remorse or pity

For the many who think they out smart me

I’ve got my own mind and motivation

I am not giving into your aggravation

Take your bad humor

Save it for another

You’re just another disappointment

Check the box next to your name of no goods

You have eyes that shine like diamonds in the sky

And skin as peachy as a peach

Your mind is week

I’m better off without you

Walk on, walk on

Your not good enough for me

Walk on, walk on

Go lie and bore another fool

Happy happy

Sad sad

Mad mad

Glad glad

Why why

Waa, aaw, wan

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