Dream Journal Entry: Patients “hanging on”

Patients “hanging on” to treatment is because something in them clings. They are seeking firm ground to stand on. Since no outwardly help is of any use to them they must discover it in themselves – the most unlikely place from the rational point of view, but an all together possible one from the point of the unconscious. – C.G. Jung

Another entry from my dream journal…

Sometime in Feb. 2011

I had one [dream] about cannibals once, that was set at my old house though [citrus loop], during day time.

They were from Figi or something, they wore loin cloths, not modern dress, and face was painted, even hand spears in their hands. There was four of them. They chased me into my home, but once I ran outside they didn’t follow. They watched, knowing I would be back. And a woman stopped in front of my home as I was running. I apparently knew her, she was a blond and had 3 kids with her, all young, under 3 – 5 tops. She asked if I could babysit them for a couple hours, I said I couldn’t and that I am in danger or something. And I got in her car, with a feeling of having to leave town. I woke up to that, but she looked puzzled as I sat beside the kids. Whoever she was. She was blond with curly hair, it was cut short in a bob style, but curly. She was pretty. She was in another dream of mine recently [art website dream].

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