Thread of Truth by Rumi

“If you never searched for truth
come with us
and you will become a seeker.

If you were never a musician
come with us
and you will find your voice…

In our gathering one candle lights hundreds,
we will light your path and give you courage
so you will open like a flower
and join in joyous laughter.

Plant the seed of truth and watch it grow
when it spreads its branches
come with us and sit under the blossoms.

Your eyes will open to the secret of the truth.”

Look out for future post titled: ‘Thread of Truth’

Seed of Truth by Rumi  found on The spirit that moves Me



May your inner truth guide you to your true nature. The seed of knowledge is the seed of truth within your psyche, streaming beyond to the connection of our soul, to which surrounds our physical being. May your truth shine through.

Truth is not defined by intellectual words or categories. Truth is the invisible sense of knowing what is right, and what is wrong. Truth is within your soul. True reality is beyond the words of intellect and beyond our external reality.

Truth is not the buildings in your city, the foundation of your country. Truth is more than physical. Truth is not judgmental, however consequences are natural. Be the truth within you.

Truth is not to be understood by the intellect. If you do not understand what Truth means to you, meditate on the word ‘truth’, and notice what comes up. Be the observing witness to the ancestral truth in you. You lived before. You once knew this Truth.

Many lives have occurred before you, and many more after. You were a first life upon this earth before, a soul fresh and pure, Truth was with you. Not without, but within, for it is Us.

The thread of truth is our lifeline, the connection of our soul to this physical body. It can be stretched to as thin as a line of thread, however strength of this thread is beyond measure.

Do not be discouraged by the delicate flower, for it bears fruit to strength and nourishment. With this same metaphor, do not be discouraged by the thread of truth, for it’s strength is beyond the silent subtleties of its image.

‘We’ are the voices within you, waiting for you to arrive. In this waiting, a stand is to be taken, one of self-determination and righteousness to the Self. A change is coming, and you may be reading this feeling it too. Embrace, and witness, it is your Truth.

Through Truth societal change may occur. It takes ‘one’ to witness their Truth, to light a candle for others to witness. May you witness and share the inner light, for once it shines within, it will extend without. Know and it will be so. Know your truth and let it flow.

From within to without. Thread of truth will flow, and forever be connected, for we are all one. Through this oneness, Truth is collective. Know it, and it will be so, for there is nothing to know. Look within and bear witness, to the thread of truth.

Artist of Featured image: Paula Nicho Cumez

Inspiring Author for intuitive post: Sue Monk Kidd

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