Dream Entry: Supplement Material

Aretimedean point: is the non-psychic, as a living phenomenon, the psychic lies embedded in something that appears to be a non-psychic nature. 

objective reality of the psyche is mediated to us by particles of light impinging on the retina of the eye. 

-base to abstract scheme of explanation is a concept of reality that takes account of the uncontrollable effects of concepts of reality that takes account of the uncontrollable effects of the observer has upon the system observed, the result being that reality forfeits something of its objective character and that a subjective element attaches to the physicists picture of the world.  

– Objective, reality which behaves at the same time like a subjective reality, like a consciousness. The reality underlying the unconscious effects includes the observing subject and is therefore constituted in a way that we can’t conceive. 

– physics has demonstrated that in the realm of atomic magnitudes an observer is postulated in objective realty, and only on condition is a satisfactory scheme of explanation, meaning a subjective element attaches to the physic its world picture, and that a connection necessarily exists between the psyche to be explained and the objective space-time continuum. Since the physician continuum is not conceivable it follows that we can form no picture of its physical aspect. 

synchronicity: is associated with the activity of unconscious operations and have been regarded as telepathy – explained on a space-time continuum. As soon as a psychic content crosses the threshold of consciousness, the synchronistic marginal phenomena disappear, time and space resume their accustomed way, and consciousness is one more isolated in its subjectivity. 

Complementarily: when an unconscious content passes over into consciousness it’s synchronistic manifestation ceases; conversely synchronistic phenomena can be evoked by putting the subject into an unconscious state (trance). In psychology the exact measurement of quantity is replaced by an approximate determination of intensities, which purpose, due to physics, we enlighten the function of feeling (valuation). 

– The psychic intensities and their graduated differences point to quantitative processes which are inaccessible to direct observation and measurement. While psychological data are essentially qualitative, they also have a sort of latent physical energy, since psychic phenomena exhibit a certain quantitative aspect. 

-since mass and energy are of the same nature, mass and velocity would be adequate concepts for characterizing the psyche so far as it has any observable effects in space, have an aspect under which it would appear as mass in motion. – C.G. Jung, Collective Works Vol. 3, Psychological Types

Dream Entry: 9/23/11 

I had a dream about my house being invaded by terrorists. The house looked similar to my home, but a bit different. It was a mix of my house, my dad’s home, and y old home on Citrus Loop. Even my grandpa’s and grandma’s home in Pomona, Cali. I can’t explain well the details of it that well. It was a one story. The hall to the bedrooms was long. Kitchen was big, open, with was window looking towards my next door neighbors. I was younger in the dream. We all were, about twelve years younger. My little brother was small even. IT was only my mother, sister, and my two brothers Ryan and Dylan. 

I was about ten I’ll say. The dream took place in the evening time, almost night time. I felt nervous in the dream, as if waiting for something to happen. My mom had same feeling. She told us strange things have been going on around town and that soon we are next. No one’s safe. She was right, because soon, when everyone was getting ready for bed, we heard the sound of helicopters. My mom then announced, “They are almost here.” I began to panic. I wanted to leave, to take everyone and leave, but it was too late. We all knew we couldn’t leave. 

My sister ran to her room, which’s pitch black, and went under the covers. She did this once the vibration of the helicopter above our home was felt. I was standing half in the kitchen and half in the hall, torn between following my sister and staying with my family in the kitchen. Soon the ceiling opened up, it was as if we had a sun roof in the kitchen. Five people, men, jumped in. They looked like clones from star wars, but I sensed they weren’t aliens, but terrorists. They didn’t see me, only my mother and brows who were huddled together in the middle of the kitchen. The men held their guns at them. One said icily, but in a steady deadly voice, “Don’t move and listen to what we have to say.” I then panicked and realized it was all over. No one in the world’s safe. I ran like a coward to my room that I shared with my sister. I went under the covers with my sister so they wouldn’t find us. I then woke up with a feeling of relief that it was only a dream. That my world is safe for now. 

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