Life Affirmation

Life is a precious thing, to not be taken for granted. I believe any spiritual practice, if one decides to follow one, teaches us this, the importance of our lives and knowing where our priorities lie, and to work with fear not against it, because no matter what fear (our shadow) is there. I thank you, to whomever, shares their vulnerabilities as well as their accomplishments. I too have self-doubt and fear of failure, pretty sure it is a common human condition in the modern western society, but nonetheless. I am thankful for you and those who are not afraid to share raw truth, and not only the fluff with rainbows and positivity. There is light, and its mate is darkness, and each one has its place and purpose, and when both are accepted, the illusion of our perceived reality will/can be lifted, and with that lift, comes true freedom. But just like in our country, freedom comes with a price, and it is up to us if we want to take those dire risks, whatever they may be.

Artist of featured image: Martin Johnson Heade

Freedom Song by Jason Mraz

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