An Artist’s Blessing

An artist’s blessing, monthly affirmation, always stay true to yourself. From the Spirit that Moves me:

May I wake each morning knowing my value
Following the mystery of why I am here
Holding love and compassion for the journey ahead

May I be tender with my vulnerabilities
Forgiving of my weaknesses
Gentle with my imperfections and the Child within

May I remember that I am a work in progress
Never done or finished
But wide awake
To living life to the fullest

May I be patient and understanding on the days that I don’t have it in me That remind me of my softer sides
And the shape of my truth in all its dimensions

May I walk through life knowing that I matter
That I am worthy
That I deserve this

May I know that creativity is mine to live, breathe, work
And release into the world when the time is right
That there is no timeline or schedule to keep

May I hear my Wiser Self speak to me in dreams
And know that my task is to listen, appreciate, and allow
As She guides me gently in the night 


Kristen Roderick | Artwork by Elena Ray – An Artist’s blessing 

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