Religion #10: Dogma & Natural Symbols – C.G. Jung

“The true history of the mind isn’t preserved in learned volumes but in the living psychic organism of every individual. Where all sources are collected “four is the origin and root of all nature” – Edward Zeller 

The fact that you perceive the voice in your dreams proves nothing at all, for you can also hear the noise in the street, which you would never think of calling your own. The unknown factors form what we call the unconscious part of the personality. Certain contents issue from a psyche that’s more complete than consciousness. They often contain a superior analysis or insight or knowledge which consciousness hasn’t been able to produce. This is called intuition. You don’t make an intuition. It always comes to you, and you only attain it if you are quick or clever enough. 

Christian images such as the Godman, the cross, the virgin birth, the Immaccaiate conception, the Trinity, and so on aren’t peculiar to Christianity alone. They occur just as often in pagan religions, and besides that they can reappear spontaneously in all sorts of variations as psychic phenomena, just as in the remote past they originate in visions, dreams, or trances. Ideas like these are never invented. They came into being before man had learned to use his mind purposively. Before man learned to produce thoughts, thoughts came to him. Dogma is like a dream, reflecting the spontaneous and autonomous activity of the objective psyche, the unconscious. The dogma lasts for untold centuries. The suffering Godman may be at least 5000 years old and the trinity probably even older. 

Dogma expresses the soul more completely than a scientific theory, for the latter gives expressions to formulate the unconscious mind alone. A theory can do nothing except formulate a living thing in an abstract terms, dogma expresses the living process of the unconscious in the form of dogma of repentance, sacrifice, and redemption. 

The image of the circle regarded as the most perfect form since Plato’s Timacus, the prime authority for Hermetic philosophy since, was assigned to the most perfect substance, the gold, also to the anima mundi or anima media naturna and to the first created light, and because the macrosm, the great words was made by the create “in a form and globes” the smallest part of the whole, the point, also possesses this perfect nature. As the philosopher says, “of all shapes, the simplest most perfect is the sphere, which rests in a point.” This image of the purely dormant a concealed in matter was what the alchemist called original chaos, or the earth of paradise, or the wrought fish in the sea, or the egg, or simply the rotundum. That round thing was in possession of the magical key which unlocked the closed door of matter. As said in the Timaeous, only the demiurge, the perfect being, can dissolve the tetractys, the embrace of the four elements. One of the great authorities since the 13th century, the Turbu Philosophorum, was round. Rosarium Philosophorum, says: Make a round circle of man and woman, extract there from a quadrangle and from it a triangle. Make the circle round, and you will have the philosophers stone.” 

The idea of the old philosophers was that GOD manifested himself first in the creation of the four elements. They were symbolized by the four functions of the circle. The division into the synthesis of the four, the miraculous appearance of the four colors, and the four stages of work – nigreadodealbatiorubetactioand citrinitus are constant preoccupations of the old philosophers. Four symbolizes the parts, qualities, and aspects of the “one.”  

The age of the comparative method shows without a doubt that the quaternary as a direct representation of the GOD who manifests in his creation. We conclude that the symbol spontaneously produced in the dream of modern people means something similar – The GOD within.  

The orthodox Christian formula is not complete, because the dogmatic aspect of the evil principle is at best from the trinity and leads an awkward existence on its own as the avile. Nevertheless, it seems that the muret does not exclude an inner relationship between the devil and the trinity. 

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