Seeing is Believing

“It is important to have a secret, a premonition of things unknown. It fills life with something impersonal, a numinosum. A man who has never experienced that has missed something important. He must sense that he lives in a world which in some respects is mysterious; that things happen and can be anticipated. The unexpected and the incredible belong in this world. Only then is life whole. For me the world has from the beginning been infinite and ungraspable.” – C.G. Jung

I have lived in a quiet world of make-believe the majority of my life. My mind – my imagination – was my safe place. I would dissociate into my worlds of enchantment when I felt uncomfortable, unsafe, or lonely.  

I always felt disconnected, here, on Earth, as if I do not belong. I have this strong feeling of loss and missing my “home”. I see a place of light and color, like pastel colored neon, similar to the cotton candy clouds of the morning sun set and or evening sun rise in the desert. I see a place of light and color, vibrations and frequencies, and also, darkness. I come from the light and dark aspects of the Universe, one of the oldest “corners” of the universe (think of the universe, as North, South, East, west, like the compass). I come from the Second tier, ruled by the North ‘star’, the second series of lights”. There is a view that the earth has been recreated four times prior to the current cycle, which is the fifth cycle. I came into existence in the second cycle. Spirits live on even if a planet is RE-CREATING itself, or is ‘destroyed’. Spirit lives on.  

I do not know it all! Nor remember all my life times. I just follow my guides and intuition. That which as of lately, has been strong. Again. I am thankful, and grateful. I look forward to what is to come – even through the chaos that is happening and is coming. This is not my first rodeo of recreation! I’ve done it twice before. I just need to listen. Listen. Listen, to RE-Remember the past, in order to influence the future. Ancestorial ties are key. Period. 

I still catch myself going into my ‘headspace’ but in different associations. I will explain as this blog continues to evolve. I am becoming more Me, and the secrets within me are being revealed. One day, these small steps, will be a creation of a major movement. It is already starting by others, and I am, too, a key player. I am realizing my fantasy world is more than just fantasy. I am listening again, and hearing, my inner voice. I am at a path in my life, NOW, where I can make action to my dreams to become external reality. Read on. Fear, is a guide. FEAR is an ally. Ready on, live on. Be, on. See the truth within you.  [Read hyperlink post, please, to understand a bit deeper].

Seeing, is, believing.  

Written: July 9th 2013 

Somewhere Beyond 

Somewhere far away from here 

There’s a face seen in the clouds 

Far above the sky 

There’s a land that no one sees 

It’s only perceived in our dreams 

The face is seen by none, but felt by all 

It’s a face that all creates 

It’s a face of every generation 

It’s a face perceived by all, but never seen 

The face is an opening of the land that no one sees, but perceives 

In this land are the faces, the forces, of past generations 

They are there to give a helping hand, to receive a helping hand 

This is the land of the lost, the land of the found, the land to come, and the land of who go 

Under this land there is a bridge 

Where it goes no one knows 

It is perceived that it leads 

To the place of the ‘unknown’ where ‘souls’ are born 

This place is of darkness, or so it is perceived, for no one knows 

No one knows who goes or stays past the bridge 

All they know are the guards who show no face 

They are the manipulators of destroyers of lost dreams 

No one knows their story, or how they came about, all is known is that they are there, and they are real 

Real in our hearts and our mind 

They are the protectors and destroyers 

We need them like they need us 

Fear touches all, but it is good 

Fear shows that there’s something there, something beyond what we perceive 

In this reality that we create 

Fear shows us to find and understand the ‘unknown’ 

So, the guards can be an ally instead of the manipulators 

An ally of the good, ally of the bad 

It is all the same in opposition 

Artist: Lucy Campbell , picture found on the Spirit that Moves Me Facebook page.

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