Death is Upon Me

#somethingtothinkabout – my inner expression ❤

April 12th 2013 

Death is Upon Me 

Death is upon me, I can feel it in my veins 

Death is upon me, waiting patiently for me to accept 

To accept its proposal of removing my soul from this system 

A system of temporary victory, but an ultimate defeat 

Death is upon me, a shadow of nothingness, yet everything at the same time (nothing is what it seems) 

A whisper has been spoken, I heard it in my ears, a whisper of wisdom, that it cannot be defined 

Ah… a definition… a definition is only an illusion 

An illusion to make us sane (or insane), an illusion toward who we are, what we are, and where we came from, and where we will return 

A definition is the thing that makes us lost, makes us forget… makes us not want to remember… 

It makes us forget our fears, our pain; it covers up the very emotions that instinctively make us fight 

Emotion that make us fight and show our true potential 

The only real thing is death, and it has no definition 

Click, click, click of sound foot steps of a shadow coming to my door 

It doesn’t knock but comes quietly in 

An old familiar scent enters my room 

A scent that smells of the past and future 

It’s a welcoming scent 

I feel a gentle tap on my shoulder and a soft whisper saying it is time 

Then I feel a lightness enter my body, a soft lift…. Then no physical feeling 

I, soul, have left the body… body is only a vessel… burn the ashes, burn the body, it will only be ash in the end… 

Let it be, let it be, let it be… all the whispers say 

It has let been – I now rest  

A silent soul, small and large, has finally rested 

Featured Image found on Ravenous Butterflies Facebook page

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