The Hanged One – Bat Lore

“surrender of death and resurrection into renunciation” art by: Albert Penot – BAT GIRL

I have always been fascinated by bats. Since I could remember, as a child/toddler, I recall images of ‘bat-people’ who would visit me at night prior to sleep, they would come to my window, and speak to me about ‘dreams’. Some tales say, they ‘steal’ children’s souls. I never saw them as bad, though, nor knew of the ‘bat-people’ legends that evolved into mainstream tales of vampires. 

The Hanged one or Hang Man Tarot card, I believe, is associated to lore and the animal bat. The symbolism of the Hang Man in Tarot is below. The picture is from the Sacred Rose Tarot deck Sacred Rose Tarot Deck | 

The Hanged Man Tarot One Card Meaning In a Tarot One Card Spread, The Hanged Man describes your entire situation. The fundamental message is to stop and look at the world from another perspective. Surrender to the inevitable and trust in the Universe 

Also, Archangel Dorenka is guardian of the bats: below are pictures that hold insights to sacred bat knowledge, from the Archangel Oracle by Diana Cooper Archangel Oracle Deck | Diana Cooper 

Furthermore, I researched ‘bat-people’, and it went beyond supernatural. It is actually a language, Batsbi, Bats people – Wikipedia of the Tushetians in Georgia, Russian domain. It is a language no long written but Orally spoken still by some. Batumi is a city upon the boarder of the Black Sea. Intriguing! 

So much more to know/learn about Bats and their importance to the world! What I included in this post, is just a snip-bit. Read on, learn on, explore! 

Bat lore 

Drawn: 5/15/2015 by Me

“A creature of the night, the bat has for obvious reasons been traditionally linked in Mesoamerican imagery and legends with darkness: its natural habitat of a cave – dark, sheltered and damp – provides an easy connection, not only with the mother’s womb and place of origin of humankind, but also with the underworld and world of the dead, according to many pre-Hispanic cultures… With the power of flight, the upside-down posture and the strong association with night and the powers of the dark, the bat is a creature that bridges the sky/heavens (above) and the underworld (below)… Just as death carries in it the seeds of new life, so the bat was recognised as having an important role to play in supporting life…” ‘The Legend of the Bat’ 2: the history ( 

A Friendly tale from Mexico about the Bat: 

In the beginning the earth was flat and full of water, and therefore the corn rotted. The ancient people had to think and work and fast much to get the world in shape. The birds came together to see what they could do to bring about order in the world, so that it would be possible to plant corn. 

First they asked the red-headed vulture, the chief of all the birds, to set things right, but he said he could not. They sent for all the birds in the world, one after another, to persuade them to perform the deed, but none would undertake it. 
At last came the bat, very old and much wrinkled. His hair and his beard were white with age, and there was plenty of dirt on his face, as never bathes. He was supporting himself with a stick, because he was so old he could hardly walk. He also said that he was no equal to the task, but at last he agreed to try what he could do. That same night he darted violently through the air, cutting outlets for the waters; but he made the valleys so deep that it was impossible to walk about, and the chiefs scolded him for this. 

“Then I will put everything back as it was before,” he said. 
”No, no!” they all said. “What we want is to make the slopes less steep, and to leave some level land, and do not make all the country mountains.” 
This the bat did, and the chiefs thanked him for it. Thus the world has remained up to this day.” ‘The Legend of the Bat’ 2: the history ( 


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