High Priestess – Ch. 6 – Yartzi’s New Beginning, the Great Sacrifice


A new beginning…  
The day the cruel Eurydice sent a trickster god her way was the day her life began to change. The innocence inside her began to disappear. She became even stronger inside, harder slightly, but still full of love.  
A premonition came to her before the breaking of the dawn. She was to give a sacrifice to the gods this evening. She was to prepare the dying of her old self, and the beginning of the new. She will be doing this three nights, and give thanks to the great sun god in the dawn. For three days. The techniques for this are sacred, and only gifted to the blessed. Yartzi is one of the blessed.  
At the end of the premonition she saw the face of the jaguar, her animal tattom. 

She was guided to the ingredients to make a mask of her old self. They are very sacred, and shall not be listed here, but know this, the mask she wears is of great power. Took until mid-day to find the ingredients and finish this mask. Yartzi is fasting this day and the next three days.  
Once the mask was finished and blessed she looked to the corner of her hut. There sat the ritual club, made of the strongest wood. The head is of a human skull, a sacrifice of a blessed virgin. This was her grandmothers, who passed it down to her mother, who passed it down to Yartzi… due to her death. But Yartzi knows how to use it. She has seen it done many times. The gods are wonderful guides, too. Painted upon the skull is Sol, the symbol of the sun god.  
Yartzi picked up this club and blessed it for her own. A tingling went through her body when she lifted the sacred club. This told her it was hers.  
When she stepped outside she saw a sheep. A sheep that wasn’t there before. It was eating what little grass was in front of her hut. She smiled and thanked the gods. This will be their sacrifice.  
And so the sheep was slaughtered, skinned, and blood drained. 

[a sign of me shifting to a deeper sense of me, anger is/was my guide; highly spiritual I am, was, and will continue to be] 

The Great Sacrifice…  
The evening then came… the sheep is now ready, fully skinned, blood dripped into an ancient ceremonial bowl. Yartzi marked her bare body with ancient symbols with this very blood. The mask of her past is now placed over her face.  
The fire is now lit. 

The sheep is now being placed to roast and burn over the fire… A young boy ready to be sacrificed helped her with this. He prepared the fire. He knows his fate, he is ready. Once the sheep was put to roast, the boy sat with his back turned from the fire. He closed his eyes in meditation, preparing to return to the gods.  
And so she begins the ceremony…  
“Dear gods, I thank you for all that you do. This sacrifice is for you!  
“Coatlicue, the one who guided me here to this ritual, the goddess of Life, Death and Rebirth, this sacrifice is for you.  
“Chantico, goddess of the hearth, I give this sacrifice to you. You have always kept my home well protected and warm.  
“Acuecucyoticihuati, goddess of oceans, rivers and other running water, the one who has blessed me with my cunning swimming ability, I give this sacrifice to you.  
“Matlalcueitl, goddess of the rain. I give this sacrifice to you too. Please, make it rain. Make it pour, drown the old me out to the seas of Acuecucyoticihuati.  
“Toci, goddess who gave birth to the sun and moon. My grandmother, this sacrifice is for you.  
“Coyolxauhqui, goddess of the moon. I thank you for being a wonderful guide in these dark dreary nights, one such as this. This sacrifice is for you.  
“HUITZILOPOCHTLI, I shout your name, the great god of the war, this sacrifice is for you!  
“NANAUATZIN, I shout your name, humble god of the sun and savior of mankind. This sacrifice is for you!
With those final, powerful words, Yartzi takes a big gulp of the blood in the wooden bowl. She then throws the rest of the great red blood of the sheep whose skin is upon her back into the fire, giving it too the gods. The sheep is now well roasted. All that is left is the boy…  
Soon the deed was done. The boy too, was killed and thrown into the fire. In his final breath he said, “Thank thee for blessing me to the gods.” Yartzi knew his spirit will live on and become even stronger.  
Once his death was final, Yartzi says another prayer.  
“This here is another sacrifice I give too! You have a blessed soul returned to you! Here is his body and his blood for you to take!” Yartzi than rolls the body into the fire. Immediately it causes the fire to become ever bigger.  
Yartzi jumped a great jump back, the fire barely missing her. 

you have done well… You have done well…  
A thousand voices came to her mind. Some she understood as thanks, others were just murmurs and static. She knows this is the gods.  
She falls to her knees and places her palms above her head. She speaks in an ancient tongue, making motions with the her hands. She then kisses her palms and faces them to the sky, giving her love to the gods.  
A vibration runs through her. A dance does she begin… one that lasts until dawn…  
And so begins…. Her first dying day. 

[I at times wonder how I knew these rituals… in another life I was a High Priestess, in the ancient times, when women ruled… I hope to find this life thread in my meditative journey. 😊] 

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