High Priestess – Ch. 7 – the Dying Days

The dying days…  
Day 1  
The hint of Dawn is in the air. She has danced the night away. She feels lightheaded, and warm. The sun will energize her.  
She gets into pose. She sits in Indian style position and closes her eyes, facing towards the east where the sun will rise. She meditates until she feels the sun rising over the horizon. She then stands up, bows to the sun, and does a sacred dance around the dying fire, giving worship to the sun. Giving it thanks, and in turn it giving her life.  
At the end of this worshiping she feels lighter, free, but tired. She knows she must sleep now in order for her body to become alive again.  
And so, she enters her hut to sleep. In sleep will she heal…  
Day 2  
Yartzi slept a wonderful sleep, but it was filled with vivid dreams. Things of her childhood such as her parents, grandparents, the rituals they did. Her first learning to use a spear to hunt, then a bow. How to catch fish with her bare hands, how to swim at great speeds across the river channels…  
And a nightmare. Nightmare of her parents… It was the day they died. They tried to speak in the dream, but it was as if they were underwater. Their voices were muffled, Yartzi understood not a word. There was a black figure too, taunting.  
This is a familiar dream of Yartzi’s. She usually has great fear when such a dream comes, but this time she did not. She is ready to face the dream and defeat the shadow within it.  
And so, she did the mediation again and sun worshiping. She feels more rejuvenated. She will soon be alive again, in her new self.  
Day 3  
The final day has arrived. Yartzi slept the day away again, that nightmare returned. She defeated the enemy and made peace with herself. She gave her parents a lasting hug. They told her to be well and that they are with her.  
She then watched their death happen… She watched the thieves come in and slice both their throats, taking with them my parents prized jewels…  
But they did not take the sacred club. That was for she.  
And so, the dream ended. Yartzi woke up with tears in her eyes, but no sadness was felt.  
And so, dawn broke. The sun dance began. Yartzi then became enlightened. Yartzi is now alive. A new, lively person. With no more pain inside. 

Her clan saw the great fire and heard of the blessed sacrifice Yartzi gave.  
The day she was enlightened was the day she enter her home clan. They saw the glow upon her face, and the beauty all around her; her glowing aura, a halo of peace surrounding her. Her clan’s people felt it. They gave a great feast in her honor. A feast of roasted pork, fried tortillas, and the great taste of burning tequila.  
Yartzi drank but only a sip of this tequila, but she ate well of the food before her. She danced around the fire with everyone as well, singing an ancient tune of thanks to the gods.  
Once the feast was over the clan chief spoke with Yartzi. The chief told Yartzi that a message was sent to her. A message that she was to give to Yartzi as soon as she came into the clan. The message was to have her field sold, the money given to her, and tell her to leave to another clan who needs her guidance.  
Yartzi took this information with great pride. She will proudly leave her home clan and enter a new one, so that she can bless the souls of that clan with greatness as her family did for her home clan.  
So, the break of dawn soon came. The chief gave her the money that was earned from the selling of her field. Yartzi is now on the road to her new home…. her new destination… a new path. 

[I am running again! Lol] 

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