High Priestess – Ch. 8 – Yartzi’s Life Conclusion


The days go on and never do they slow. Yartzi has ups and downs but remains free and content with herself. She is no longer that young thirteen year old. She is now a young woman of sixteen, and her body is showing the signs of womanhood. Her hips have broaden and her breasts have become plump. Many men look at her now, but not one has asked for her hand. Maybe because she still is a stranger to these parts. One day Yartzi will find a nice man of her own, but for now she is wondering carefree and building up her strength. She is a strong warrior at heart even if she belongs to no army. 

Though Yartzi is classified as a woman, in body image, but Yartzi does not feel like a woman yet. She has yet to be united with a man, and in her clan that is what make’s you a woman. Yartzi hopes she’ll find a man to mate with and build a family with soon… 

[clearly, I am searching for love behind a digital screen, 2D character. Hmmm!]

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