High Priestess – Ch. 9: Ariel Reincarnates


Ariel has fallen ill and doesn’t wish for treatment from anyone but herself. She eats some strange weed that is in the shape of a tulip bulb that she found outside of Eury’s eternal garden. This weed was greenish yellow and had a strange bitter taste, yet very enticing. It numbed Ariels’ sore mouth and eased the burn in Ariels’ empty stomach. 

This strange weed caused her to go into a deep trance like sleep [modern day would be called coma]. All she remembers is a blissful feeling of not feeling physical pain, only raw pure emotion and beautiful colors. Ask her this question: What was it like? She’ll answer: Unimaginable bliss. And she will state no more for it is up to you to reach that bliss she felt.  
This weed made her sleep for many, many, days which turned into many months [near 4]. In those four months a terrible storm happened.  
The thunder roared through the clouds like two angry lionesses. 

And the lighting struck electricity in many directions. 

The lighting hit Ariel’s stone hut. 

And caused it to collapse. Ariel was inside this hut, but no harm was done to her silent, slumbering, body. All the stones did was cover her body, hiding her from the world. 

This month, in the time of mid-summer [august] Ariel finally awoke.  
What the…? thought she as her eyes were opened. The groggy feeling soon hit her, and a major headache was felt. She misses the bliss she felt while in the enchanted slumber. She jumps at the startling darkness and feeling of stone upon her. This jilt causes the stones to rustle and a few to fall off her. Annoyance builds in her and this gives her strength. Adrenaline runs through her veins and she, in one great swoop, pushed the stones off of her and she stood up. She stood up and winced as the summer sun hits her sensitive waking eyes. “Ahh!” she screams, clearing her raspy throat. Her skin began to burn at once, but the feeling soon passed after she realized she was alive. She was bony, but she was alive. She can now live a happy life with kindred souls.  
She looks around at the pile of stone and frowns. This wont do. This wont protect me from natures’ storms and predators. I’ll go find Eury, she’ll know what to do. Yes, yes, I’ll have my own place with her. But first, I need to wash off this dust. These are her thoughts as her legs begin to move, slowly and stiffly, to the river bend. This is a half hour walk, but a walk well needed for these stiff unused legs. The sun continues to burn her, but at the same time ease her stiff muscles.  
How long was I out? The feel of the Sun is mid-summer. That means… around four moon cycles! “ah ha!” she says aloud with a soft chuckle. “All I remember are colors and no physical pain… I’d like to return to that beautiful feeling. Maybe I will with Eurydice… Yes, she’ll know what to do. She’ll help me to fill that bliss again.” Ariel begins to cough now, all that talking gave her a tickle in her dry throat. She just now realized her dry burning throat. This makes her groan, “ohh, how it is tough to be human. I want to be a spirit again. Yes, a spirit does not feel this type of pain. Yes, I’ll feel what a spirit feels again. I know I will, the gods will help me. I know they will. Love will be my guide, where ever it may be”.  
She eventually reaches the river, and hope fills her soul and the blissful feeling returns. “Ahh, water, how I longed for you during this walk!” She runs in, enjoying the coolness on her hot skin. She dunks her head down and swims a few feet under the water. She opens her eyes and they begin to burn, but a healing burn she enjoys. She doesn’t see clearly, her vision is a blur, but she loves it under the water. She soon swims to the surface and flips her head back so that her long dreads don’t slap her sweet, mocha face. She wipes her face with her hands, feeling the once dust now mud sliding off. She dunks her head back down and swims some more feet in hopes to get more dust off her smooth skin. She swims now, further down the river, deeper too, until she can brush her toes on the muddy, rough bottom of the river, where moss and weed likes to grow. She swims back to the surface, flipping her hair back once again. This time, she notices its length. She frowns at the feeling of it touching her shoulders. She likes it kept short, out of her face and not in the way. She looks around and notices she is farther away than she expected to be, yet closer to the way to Eurydice…. I can’t let her see me like this, though. I have dreads, that’s unattractive on me. I must return to the pile of stone that once was my hut, rummage through it, and find a knife to cut my hair the way I like. Also, something to pick these ugly knots out of my hair as well. Thinks Ariel as she doggy paddles to where she entered the river. She gets out, then, and walks slowly a few feet then collapse to the ground with a sense of lightheadedness.  
“What the…” Then she remembers. Her belly is empty, and her mouth is still dry. She steps back to the river and fills her mouth with the cool, earthy, river water. She holds it in her mouth until the dryness is gone and all that is felt is warm moisture. She then swallows, feeling it relieve the burning dryness of her throat. A few more long gulps and the burning dryness is relieved somewhat, headache only slightly gone. She drinks more and more until her stomach is filled with water. Still the dry throat persists to stay. She will deal with it later, for now she wants to get rid of the long dreads. She stands up and begins to walk back to her stone pile, now feeling more refreshed and not so much lightheaded.  
She finally returns to her stone heap. It is mid-afternoon now, the sun is beginning to sink in the sky, but it is still early enough for her to see what she is doing. She moves each stone as it comes, rummages through and through. Finally she comes to a small hard object that fits nicely in her hand once grasped. This is the knife she was looking for. She tests its sharpness on her thumb nail. She notices it is not as sharp as she’d like it, but sharp enough to cut her hair with some effort. So she begins the process, curses a little at the tug and pull of her hair. But over some time, she gets her hair cut nice and even the way she likes it. She then makes her way back to the river. She is only in ripped rags, but she does not care. She wants to be cleaned up enough to meet up with Eury.  
So she makes the walk back to the river, now feeling tired, but she keeps pushing forward. She reaches the river, jumps in, rinses the hair off, and runs her fingers through her hair until she feels very little, if any, tangles. Once she feels cleaned up she fills her belly with water again and makes her way to Eury’s garden.

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