Death Sermo V

“The world of the gods is made manifest in spirituality and in sexuality. The celestial ones appear in spirituality, the earthly in sexuality.” 

“The spirituality conceiveth and embraceth. It is woman like and therefore we call it MATER COELESTIS, the celestial mother. Sexuality engendereth and createh. It is manlike, and therefore we call it PHALLOS, the earthly father.” 

“The sexuality of man is more of the earth, the sexuality of woman is more of the spirit.” 

“The spirituality of man is more of heaven, it goeth to the greater. The spirituality of woman is more of the earth, it goeth to the smaller.” 

“Lying and devilish is the spirituality of the man which goeth to the smaller. Lying and devilish is the spirituality of the woman which goeth to the greater. Each must go to its own place.” 

“Man shall distinguish himself both from spirituality and from sexuality. He shall call spirituality mother and set her between heaven and earth. He shall call sexuality Phallos and set him between himself and earth. For the Mother and the Phallos are superhuman daemons which reveal the world of the gods. They are for us more effective than the gods, because they are closely akin to our own nature. Should ye not distinguish yourselves from sexuality and from spirituality, and not regard them as of a nature both above you and beyond, then are ye delivered over to them as qualities of the pleroma. Spirituality and sexuality are not your qualities, not things which ye possess and contain. But they possess and contain you; for they are powerful daemons, manifestations of the gods, and are, therefore, things which reach beyond you, existing in themselves. No man hath a spirituality unto himself, or a sexuality unto himself. But he standeth under the law of spirituality and of sexuality.” 

“No man, therefore, escapeth these daemons. Ye shall look upon them as daemons, and as a common task and danger, a common burden which life hath laid upon you. Thus, is life for you also a common task and danger, as are the gods, and first of all terrible Abraxas.” Translated by C.G. Jung

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