Spirit Walks and Nature Talks #6: Establishing Relationships with Nature

Another exercise from Ted Andrew’s Nature-Speak . Enjoy, and have a great weekend. This one is about establishing a relationship with nature through a Nature Log/Journal, and also mentions tips on how we can connect with and show appreciation to nature in our daily lives.

Establishing relationships with nature (pp. 28 – 32):

Benefits: appreciation of nature: subtle recognition of communications from nature; opens the heart to the blessings of Nature; Increased opportunities to connect with spirits of nature

Exercise 1:

  1. Involve yourself with some aspect of nature more personally: plant a garden; bird watch; volunteer/support nature centers and zoos and other environmental organizations; take regular walks in Nature.
  2. Study Nature: study different plants each week
  3. Meditate out in nature
  4. Listen for and acknowledge nature’s daily greeting to you
  5. Read nature tales and myths from different traditions and countries: Myth/tales guide people into new wonders and possibilities.
  6. Honor nature: plant a promise tree
  7. Be grateful: be caretaker of your environment

My nature journal: exercise 2: (pp. 34 – 35):

Benefits: increases understanding of plants and animals; improves observation skills; crystallizes the spirit energy behind encounters.

Natural Journal – log of encounters

  • field guide to observe, note activity, and apply its meaning to your life
  • record for plant/animal messengers – your sign posts
  • can be used for dream encounters
  • helps to understand spirit behind encounters and helps us know everything has significance.

Animalism: in anthropology, the belief that all nature has spirit and these spirits are closely connected to humans.

Spirituality isn’t determined or limited by knowledge, reason, or creative intelligence. Our teachers aren’t merely the human ones. ‘Divine’ messages aren’t limited to coming to use only through those of ‘our kind’. When we realize this, our world’s no longer the same. Nature Journal helps crystallize this for you.

[Your nature journal] should have two parts. First part: notes of what you observe – leave space for follow-up research, information, and conclusions (possible meanings of encounters). Leave space for sketches of elements that stand out, if you wish.

Take your time when in nature. Sit under a tree; sleep in the grass; meditate next to a spring or pond. Take the time to enjoy Nature and its wonders. The communications will simply flow like a soft voice that fills the heart, and the path will open wide.

Blind Walking

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Inside A Soul

AndrewFerezWalkingBlindlyIntotheUnknown(artist: Andrew Ferez)

It feels as if I am walking, walking blindly into unknown territory; as if a cloth is over my eyes, and a gentle wind at my back forcing me to move forward. But I’m stuck… is it fear? I think so. I feel as if I am being gently pushed off a cliff, a cliff I have walked patiently on for many moons, years maybe, pacing back and forth from the edge, afraid to get too close, afraid to peer over to see a hint of what could be there. But now there is a gentle wind behind me, forcing me to make tiny, awkward, clumsy steps forward.

I have one foot on the edge of the cliff, steady and securely on the rocky ground, and one foot over the edge. I feel gravity pulling my foot out further, so that my leg becomes outstretched. My…

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The Legend of Hanuman found through Synchronicity, tale 1


I purchased an Indian Mythology book from a friend at a yard sale back in Jun, 2013. The book is titled: Myths and Legends of India selected, retold and introduced by William Radice .

I have yet to read all the tales, but after researching Hanuman, I found three tales of him, his birth, his childhood, and the herbs he collected that saved King Ramas’s life. Synchronicity is a great thing. Funny how that works… Pay attention to the light signs in life, the random image in your head, random words, names phrases… there is a reason to it all, and rarely is it rational. Trust your imagination.

Pp. 19 – 21: Hanuman’s Birth

“Hanuman’s mother was a monkey called Anjana. But gods are not born as human beings are, and a famous story tells of Hanuman’s miraculous birth.

“Actually, Anjana herself was of divine origin. She had been a goddess in Indraloka, the kingdom of the gods, ruled by Indra. But a holy man’s curse had turned her into a monkey and forced her to live on earth. She remained very bitter and melancholy about this.

“She was a beautiful monkey, the most beautiful in the realm of the monkeys, as befitted her previous life; and her fellow-monkeys got tired of her being so gloomy. One day the queen of the monkeys said to her: ‘I know you were once a goddess, and you miss the delights of heaven. But you’re a monkey now, and that’s not a bad thing to be. Normally we’re cheerful, light-hearted creatures, and you could be too, if you accepted your lot and took comfort in the fact that you are more beautiful than any of us. Be one of us. Don’t keep pining for Indraloka. Let us find a monkey-husband for you; I’m sure you’ll be much happier then.’

“The king of the monkeys backed up his wife. ‘Truly,’ he said, ‘you should be proud of being a monkey. We are handsome and noble. That holy man who cursed you wanted to turn you into something ugly – but he failed. You are wonderfully beautiful, and if you let us find you a husband, you will have children that will glorify the monkey race.’

“But Anjana was still unconvinced, still sad and unsettled in her heart. ‘It is kind of you to want to help me,’ she said, ‘but I don’t feel ready for marriage yet. I’m still adjusting to being a monkey. It’s impossible for me to forget Indraloka. It’s my home, and one day I hope to return there.’

“So she remained lonely and miserable, and wandered off on her own through the forest. Tired from the heed of the day, she lied down on a grassy hill under a shady tree. The cool breeze calmed her and she fell asleep.

[pic of my version of the wind god from Whistle of the Wind]

Scan0003 3“Vayu, the wind-god, was wandering about, blowing through the world, as is his wont. He came across Anjana where she lay sleeping, and was immediately entranced by her beauty. He couldn’t restrain himself from caressing her and kissing her with his most delicate and tender breezes, which gave Anjana romantic dreams, from which she gradually awoke with a deep, languorous sigh.

“With is divine insight, Vayu knew the story of Anjana, knew all about her unhappiness. He wanted to help her and make her happier, but he was also deeply attracted to her. He went on stroking her as she woke up, which was pleasant for she was still half-asleep, but made her sit up in alarm when she opened her eyes. ‘Who is that?’ she said. ‘Who touched me?’

“‘You cannot see me,’ said Vayu, ‘for I am Vayu, the wind. But you need not be afraid. I have fallen in love with you, and want to give you a son. Let me embrace you more closely!’

“‘If you really are the god Vayu,’ said Anjana, ‘it’s cruel of you to tease me. You cannot really be in love with me, for I have the ugly face of a monkey. Any son of mine would look like me.’

‘And beautifully so!’ said Vayu. ‘You are wrong to think you are ugly. You are ravishingly good-looking, your son will be also, and besides, I cannot stop myself. My breath has already entered you, and given you a son. There he is!’

“A god can father a child instantly. Anjana looked down, and saw a tiny baby monkey on the ground nearby. Monkey it was, but it was her child, and her feelings suddenly changed. Its tiny monkey-face no longer seemed ugly to her. She picked it up, held it in her arms, and began to suckle it. ‘How wrong I was’, she said, ‘to think that monkeys were ugly. This is the sweetest baby I have ever seen. I love him.’

“Vayu smiled with pleasure at having made love to the beautiful Anjana, and in joy that her baby son had made her so happy.

“He circled round the happy pair three times and blessed them, saying, ‘Your baby will be called Hanuman, son of the wind. He is my son, so he has my strength, my speed, and my power to fly through the world. He will be a kind, brave and mighty hero, who will do much good in the world. Be proud of him!’

“Gently cradling the baby Hanuman in her arms, Anjana walked back to the monkey-kingdom. She showed him off proudly to the king and queen and all the other monkeys, and told them about his miraculous birth. They were all delighted and impressed. Anjana had found a father for her child that befitted her own divinity, and although some of the unmarried males were secretly disappointed that she was no longer available to them, they put a brave face on it, and joined in the general celebration.”

Stay tuned for the other 2 tales of Hanuman’s Childhood and Hanuman and The Herbs.

Dream Journal Entry, 13: Animosity

The dream is a natural occurrence, and there is no reason why we should assume that it’s a crafty device to lead us astray. It occurs when consciousness and will are extinguished.

Animosity – manifestation of both the anima and animus. The anima causes illogical moods, and the animus produces irritating platitudes and unreasonable opinions. Both are frequent dream figures. They personify the unconscious and gives it peculiarly disagreeable or irritating character. The unconscious in itself has no negative qualities. They appear only when personified by these figures and when they begin to influence consciousness. Being only partial personalities, they’ve the character either of an inferior woman or of an inferior man. A man experiencing this influence will be subject to unaccountable moods, and a woman will be argumentative and prejudices opinions that are beside the mark.

A dream belongs in series which promotes a continuity of consciousness. Dreams are the visible links in a chain of unconscious events. – C.G. Jung, Collective Works Vol. 3


When I was 13 I had a dream of a black thing chasing me. It had no form. It came into my bedroom in the morning and began climbing the latter to get me (then I had a bunk bed I shared with my sister). I jumped off and left the house. I was about 13 when these type of dreams began to happen. It use to be this black thing, then soon began to take other forms – always men. Movie characters and strangers too. Whatever was in my mind at the time. Every few months I have this similar dream.


Peace is a patient mentor, waiting for us to realize it. Once a glimpse of peace is seen – a glimmering light at the corner of the eye – and then felt, it consumes you like a possession, choosing not to let go. The moment peace is felt, there is no turning back. It now has you in its grasp, guiding you with its light, shining on the path of life you chose for yourself; the true path of life, the one that is your calling. Choose peace, let it consume you. Be the light that which is waiting for you.


Spirit Walks and Nature talks #5: How Nature Speaks to Us

From Ted Andrews, Nature-Speak: Signs, Omens and Messages in Nature

Think of interpreting Nature encounter in a way similar to dream interpretation. Dream images can have multiple meanings that apply to several areas of our life. A dream of a quarrel with a family member may indicate an actual quarrel with someone in your family or it may indicate you are quarreling with yourself about a decision you must make. It may mean something you are eating, quarreling with your body’s health – all interpretations apply to YOU.

“Our subconscious might send us several dreams in the night, centered around the same issue. It uses a different scenario in case we didn’t quite get the message correctly the first time. E.g. we dream of quarreling with family, and second dream that night is that all family members are on vacation and everyone around is arguing and preventing you from enjoying your vacation. A third dream may occur in which you’re struggling to swim across a lake to the safety of your home. All reflect emotions in turmoil and that’re affecting your peace, that of your home. There’s always a common thread running through these dream series.

“Signing/omens/messages from Nature are often similar to dream communications. Our subconscious mind will stimulate the senses so that we notice in Nature what’s important to us or some aspect of our life. The encounter experience will provide insights into several areas of our life simultaneously. E.g. you’re struck by the ‘whisper’s of the breeze’ through the pines. You remember an old folk warning about telling secrets around a pine tree. I’ll whisper it to all the other pines and before long, the secret’s out. The message could be a caution about revealing any one’s secret; keep confidences. It may be telling you that there’s whispering going on around you at work. If you’ve been suspecting this, Nature may’ve given you a confirmation, even though that wasn’t your primary focus. Messages in nature are often multidimensional.

“Just as several different dream scenarios in one night can provide different ways of looking at the same issue, if the message’s important, Nature will present us with several experiences or encounters to help ensure that we get it. These experiences will have a common thread, e.g. you’re not sure if you should ask for a necessary raise at work, you’re not sure if you should ask, or how to ask. As you are walking in nature, you spot a great blue heron soaring down and lands soft in a pond. You watch as it spears a fish and then stands calmly in the water. You continue your walk and you come across an area that’s covered with acorns. You see the oak from which they had fallen.

“In first, we see heron gliding confidently down, spearing, directly and then standing patently. This could reflect a need to be straight, direct, and calm in your approach in asking for a raise (just glide in and do it).

“The acorns turn into great oaks. This could be encouragement for you. Make your request. If you don’t, the acorns will never grow. (pp. 40 – 41)

Symbolism of Nature (pp. 43 – 44)

Symbols express that for which we’ve no words, touching both objective and subjective realities. They span the world of thought, and the world of being. They provide a means of understanding and interacting with the true world of hidden realities within us and our life. They open us to that which we’ve ignored of been unaware. They’re a means for the conscious mind to recognize and discern information from the subconscious mind which attends to everything that goes on within and around us.

“Symbols (language of unconscious) derive from archetypes (universal energies found throughout the world) and thus at some point in our use of them, they lead us back to those archetypes.

“Everything in nature’s potentially symbolic, with the ability to reflect something about hidden forces at play within our life. i.e. at the core of everything we encounter in nature (and in all of life) lies an archetypal force. E.g. a flower opening its buds and blooming reflects the energy of emergence and new beginnings of an archetypal Journey. A storm may reflect the intense emotions we’re battling with and thus are tied to the archetypal Adversary – forces we must direct, over come or control for change to occur. The opening, hidden at the base of a tree, may reflect something about potential of a new idea or endeavor, since all openings are a reflection of the archetypal feminine – the creative and birth giving energies.”

Meaning of colors in nature (48 – 51)

  • Black: found both in animal and plat kingdoms. In plant kingdom, black’s most often accent coloration or in the fungus and mushroom groups of plants. No matter where black’s found, it’s often associated with mysticism, magic, and new birth. It’s a color of quiet strength and protection. It can indicate a need for secretiveness and sacrifice. Black is also associated with the feminine energy, the creative and intuitive. When found with other colors, it often indicates a grounding or, even, a more mundane energy or issue at play.

  • Blue: [Birds, flowers, herbs, fruits, moths] Regardless of the shade, [blue] is a color reflecting truth and happiness, in some area of our life. Blue brings energy of expressiveness and increased perception. If the blue is capturing your attention, be careful about loneliness or fault finding. It reflects a time for interactions that’re more social and for trusting your perceptions. It reminds us to maintain calm and to trust that all will be well. It’s quietly and soothing. Deeper shades of blue appear when healing’s needed – on both physical and spiritual levels. It can indicate a need to reign in our nerves. If we don’t trust our intuition, indigo and darker shades of blue will catch our attention in Nature. When it appears lighter shades of blue, we may need to deal with some aspects of depression (either in us or in someone close to us) there may be a need for more social activities.

  • Brown: – most common colors of Nature. Whether found in animals or plants, it’s always a reminder to stay grounded. It’s a color that often denotes a time of practically and strength. It can also reflect a tendency to be overly critical at this time. When plants and grasses are turning brown, we need to examine our resources. Are we allowing them to dry up? Are we using them freely? Do we need ‘fresh water’ (activities/creativity, ect.) in our life? Brown’s a reminder to keep our feet on the ground. It’s a time to be practical and to apply common sense to situations going on around us. It can be a reminder to take care of the mundane things in our life.

  • Green: – color of nature, found in all kingdoms. Usually reflects something related to growth, and abundance, and healing in our life. It can confirm that we’re on the right track and growth and movement is occurring in its proper time and space. Brighter greens and even toward the blue range, provide positive clues in regards to friendships and relationships, especially in regards to issues of trust and faith. It’s a healing and often presages a renewal in a relationship.

  • Yellow-green – color of nature found in all kingdoms. Greens can indicate a need to move through some emotional imbalances and uncertainties. This yellow-green can indicate that things and activities may be premature or that some haling in an area of your life’s necessary.

  • Gray: – color of nature found in all kingdoms. Traditionally, this is a color of ‘ancient’ teachings and clarity of mind. When it stands out for us, it reflects a need to trust in the imagination or a need to keep it in balance. Gray’s the color of clouds and fog, so when it captures our attention, it can reflect things are hidden from us at this time. It can even indicate that people around us are hiding things from us. Do we need to be more careful about what we revel and to whom?

  • Orange: is a color of warmth. Most commonly found among the flower, insect, bird, and reptile kingdoms. It’s appearance most often reflects that new energy, new creativity, and new job at hand. Now’s time to balance your worries and recoup your energies. Orange moves us to act. It’s time to seek out new activities, especially if they’re ones we’ll find enjoyable. We’ll have the energy and time to purse creative activities, if we initiate them NOW. Peach shades are often indicators of a need for a little more protection. Is someone being overly sensitive? Are we allowing emotions to get out of control? Do we need to be more protective of our emotions?

  • Red: in nature, this color’s striking wherever it’s found. It’s a color of sexuality, passion, strength and it always indicates strong energy around us and our life. Traditionally, red’s associated with love, passion, sexuality, and even anger or revenge. With this strong energy around us we may need to be careful about impulsive and aggressive behaviors. It may also indicate that we need to be more creative and showy in our endeavors. This isn’t a time to hide in the back. Red always catches the eye. This may be the time for you to catch the eye of someone. Maybe this is the time to pursue something you desire. The energy to do so successfully is strong. Darker shakes of red can indicate that we need to be more careful about how and where we express our physical energies. Are we over extending ourselves? Pink is used to treat skin conditions in color therapy, and our skin is our largest sensory organ. Pink in nature often contains a message about sensitivity or lack of it. Lighter pink shades in particular can indicate over-sensitivity around you. Are you or someone around you being immature and overly sensitive to the truth? Pink reflects issues of compassion and of the heart and in Nature, it can help sooth emotions.

  • White: found in all of nature’s kingdoms. It reflects energies of truth. It’s soothing to our spirit and indicates the presence of spirits around us in some area of our life. When white appears predominantly, we may have messages coming to us soon from the spirit world. White’s always a reminder to follow our creative inspirations. If it’s capturing our attention in nature, we may need to look at how we’re or aren’t expression our creativity. Now would be a good time to follow any creative pursuits. If we have doubts about issues or activities or even people in our life, white’s a color that reminds us to be patient. The doubts will soon be alleviated. We’ll get our answers.

  • Yellow/gold: when yellow and gold colors appear strongly to us through nature, it indicates issues of communication are at hand. Now’s the time to trust in your inspirations and avoid being overly critical. It can even indicate that new learning opportunities (formal/informal) are at hand. Their appearance’s are usually an encouragement to take advantage of them, especially if the yellow leans toward the lighter lemon shades. Yellow and gold often reflect a renewal of enthusiasm in some area of our life. The pressures will be lifted and the joys’ll return. Lemon shades and even lemon fragrances encountered are indicators of a cleansing that’s in process. This may be a health or an emotional cleansing – for you or someone close to you in some area of your life.

Whistle of the Wind

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Inside A Soul

“Whistle of the Wind

Let us not go
Where art does not flow
For through art is life
A breath one never knew
Only once the wind blew
And the whistle was sang and heard
The whistle of tree speech
A voice that can’t be breached
That which calls to our souls
Forever heard in our hearts
If only one would listen
Then one can glisten in the light of inner knowledge
A place within is our lodge
Safety and security
Peace and serenity
Let be let be
And one will see
And hear the voice of the knowledge trees
Through the whistle of the wind
                                        (written by ME on 8.5.14)”


Picture found on wordpress @: Islamic Reflections

I wrote this poem sometime this August. Why? I do not know, I wrote what came to me, because the phrase “Whistle of the wind” popped into my head…

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The Artist in Me

Featured image: Artist Linzi Lynn found @ Spirit that Moves Me Facebook page

Dream Journal 12: Four Causes of Dreams has been updated, check the post out if you wish.


“A creative person has little power over his own life. He is not free. He is captive and driven by his daemon. When the daemon is at work, one is always too close and too far. Only when it is silent can one achieve moderation.” From: Memories, Dreams, Reflections – C.G. Jung

I always had an interest in creating art, whether it was coloring in a coloring book or drawing 2-dimensional houses and stick figures as a child, I always felt happy when I was creating something. I was in my safe-zone, a place where my day dreaming was safe to run its’ course, where my imagination was not interrupted. Back then, I didn’t know the drawings I made or the pictures I colored was art, it was just something I did.

When I was younger than 12, I never considered taking drawing or writing up as a hobby, because I never thought I was good enough at anything. I floated by, in a way, and I didn’t know why. My imagination was always there, though, saving me from destructive thoughts (if only by a grain of salt). I always had images of people I never met and stories were created, images of a girl I wanted to be: pretty, confident, outgoing, social, who dances and sings when other’s are watching, strong in her ability to protect herself from predators, basically, fearless. Of course, as I grew up, this ‘girl’ became a woman and she evolved as I did.

Though I’ve always had my imagination, there was always the darker side of things that crept through, such as my thoughts of not being good enough, cool enough, smart enough, etc.

I was depressed by the age of 10, when I hit puberty, and my depression haunted me throughout my teenage years. This depression was a mix of anxiety, insecurity, and fear, and may be it is the ‘daemon’ that ignited my creative expression, enhanced my tender heart, and helped me stay empathetic to the needs of others. I became inactive after high school, gained weight (though nothing unmanageable), and my depression hit it’s peak by the age of 20. I am no longer in high school, now legally an adult. I started college, but no clear direction where to go. I began studying psychology/sociology in my associates, and thankfully it is something I still love today, so my intuition has not failed me yet.

As my depression peaked, my writing ceased. I was stuck. I began journaling around this time, writing down insights, bits and pieces of conversations with ‘spirit guides’, and my thoughts of how I felt I was at the time, and who I want to be. I wanted a serious relationship at that time, was hoping to be married by 25, and have 2 kids by the age of 30. I thought that was part of a perfect life, thankfully my thought process changed. Anyways, at this time as my depression peaked, I began to draw. An online friend of mine at the time suggested it (funny, an online friend back in 2007 suggested me to begin writing as well, and another funny thing, I no longer speak to either of these individuals, and when I did speak to them, our friendship was brief. I am thankful for that time of my life, my internet friends, but I am so glad I grew out of that and ventured into the real world).

I began drawing people, those I knew and shared memories of, to people I never met. My drawings were and are armature, but I see the improvement throughout the past 7 years. See below, from my first drawing to most recent.

YEAR 2010


YEAR 2011


YEAR 2012

Scan0005 6

YEAR 2013

Scan0006 1



YEAR 2015


YEAR 2016




Although these drawings are not masterpieces, and only a glimpse of my inner world, they are pieces of me. Some day, I would like to begin painting, most likely in watercolor and acrylic. Some of my drawings will ‘come to life’ so-to-speak, in color through my paintings. My drawings tell a story, a story of a girl turning into a woman, and a story of the worlds unseen within the layers of the mind. One day, it will all make sense – my creativity, my writings, my drawings – one day, I will understand my purpose. One day, some day. Now.

Dream Journal 12: Four Causes of Dreams

Dreams are the voice of the unknown, ever threatening new schemes, new dangers, sacrifices, warfare, and other troublesome things.

There are four causes of dreams:

1. An affection of the body. 2. An affect or vehement commotion of the mind caused by love, hope, fear, or hatred. 3. The power and cunning of the demons. 4. Dreams sent by God.

In dreams we mind, without any profound analysis, the same conflicts and complexes whose existence can also be demonstrated by the association test. These complexes form an internal part of the existing neurosis. There’s reason to believe that these dreams can give us some information as the association can about the content of a neurosis. As a matter of fact they give more. The symptom is like the root above ground, yet the main plant is an extended rhizome underground. The rhizome represents the content of a neurosis; it’s the matrix of complexes of symptoms and of dreams. We have every reason to believe that dreams mirror exactly the underground process of the psyche. If we get there, we literally get the “roots” of the disease. – C.G. Jung

Below written sometime in 2011. It wasn’t the complete dream, it seems. It appears I am in a large two story house of some kind with my family and some ‘evil’ woman:

I wish I could remember the exact date of this one. It’s making my hand shake a little, too, thinking of it. Think it was about three weeks ago.

Here’s another dream I typed out. This one was sometime this February. 2/22/2011:

[it] Started out pleasant, I was with people at a rich upper-class house, pool party. I recognized a few people, but didn’t know many. I was even in the pool, and learned how to swim. [I] felt how it felt to swim, some guy I didn’t know taught me. I don’t know what he said, he was saying something to me from what I remember.

And after the pool party a few [people] went inside for a drink or something, to chat [maybe]. Inside my family was there, my sis, mom, brother, dad, and James. James was fussy.

We were on first floor then, and James was sitting on the floor fussing. My mom and sister didn’t know what to do, I got annoyed and went upstairs with the others, whoever they were.

I didn’t know the people, but we were talking as if they knew me. I don’t know what they were saying, I was talking to the people who lived in the home, almost a mansion but not quite that big.

There was a woman in the dream, her and I butted heads, though I don’t remember why. she glared at me most of the dream if I glanced at her. I had an angry feeling towards her.

The woman in the dream, the one I remember of last night, had long brown hair, similar to mine but thicker and darker. She was older than me, and her eyes were a different shape  [than mine], but from a far she looked similar to me.

I remember looking over the railing, down to the first floor where my fam[ily] was. They weren’t there anymore, but James was there still playing and talking to himself as if he weren’t alone. I saw this woman, the one who I didn’t like nor she liked me… she came in through the door, front door or something, I don’t know. it just appeared, and she was holding a butcher knife.

She was walking slowly towards James [my nephew, who will be 7 on 8/14/2017] with an expression full of hate. I was the only one who noticed this and I rushed down the stairs and shoved her.

I saw my family down there [I was looking down as if from a balcony] farther off, they didn’t notice anything. She left the room carrying the knife, through [some] door, and then appeared another man with the [same] knife.

I shoved him out, and tried shutting the door on him, yelling at him to get out. He said that I cant escape him, or something. [With those words, I released the door]. I woke up as soon as he got inside, before he attacked me.

The people upstairs actually [must have been some kind of party], they noticed the drama, but all they saw was me shoving the woman, it may have appeared to them as if we were just arguing, I do not know. Either way they didn’t leave from the second floor, just watched everything happen. James even didn’t react, just the people on the upper floor, though they did nothing. My family was oblivious. The dream was set at night time. I woke up about dawn.

Every time I have a similar type dream, it’s usually an hour or so before the sun begins to rise. My ‘nightmares’ even in dreams, are set in the night time usually. Only occasionally during day. The woman in this dream had long brown hair, similar to mine but thicker and darker. She was older than me, and her eyes were a different shape. But from afar she looked similar to me.

The woman could have been my shadow self. Since it was set at night time, it is a symbol of a process going on in my subconscious. This is an important dream for me to analyze.

When Art Speaks

The artists are the dangerous ones, for they are the givers of secret speech, who spread ideas, knowledge, to others without many people realizing it. Look out for the artists, you never know what they are capable of, but even more so, you never know what you are capable of. The world is more than what it seems. YOU, your friends, and family members, are more than what they seem.

Be the artist of your own life.

naJUNE2017Cartistarecreatersbirdpin found on Pinterest