Death Sermo V

“The world of the gods is made manifest in spirituality and in sexuality. The celestial ones appear in spirituality, the earthly in sexuality.”  “The spirituality conceiveth and embraceth. It is woman like and therefore we call it MATER COELESTIS, the celestial mother. Sexuality engendereth and createh. It is manlike, and therefore we call it PHALLOS, … Continue reading Death Sermo V

Death Sermon III

“Hard to know is the deity of Abraxas. Its power is the greatest, because man perceiveth it not. From the sun he draweth the summum bonum; from the devil the infimum malum; but from Abraxas LIFE, altogether indefinite, the mother of good and evil.”  “Smaller and weaker life seemeth to be than the summum bonum; wherefore is it also hard to conceive that Abraxas transcendeth even the sun … Continue reading Death Sermon III

Death Sermo II

Translated by C.G. Jung, composed by St.Basilides in Alexandria - #2 of the 7 Sermons to the Dead “God is distinguished from created beings through this, that he is more indefinite and indeterminable than they. He is less distinct than created beings, since the ground of his being is effective fullness. Only in so far … Continue reading Death Sermo II

Religion #4: Psychic Factors of the Spirit World

C.G. Jung continued: - Just as material objects are the elements of this world, psychic factors are the objects of the “other world” (spirit world).  - Psychic activity: is nothing less than the conviction as to the concrete evidence of the spirit world.  - Spirit world: is a reality in no way inferior to that of the … Continue reading Religion #4: Psychic Factors of the Spirit World