Bridgid Lore

"I am older than Brighid of the Mantle...   "I put songs and music on the wind before ever the bells of the chapel were rung in the West or heard in the East. ...  "And I have been a breath in your heart.  "And the day has its feet to it that will see me … Continue reading Bridgid Lore


What is Imbolc? Ancient Celtic Festivals | Claddagh Design  "Imbolc, or Imbolg... was[is] one of the four most important festivals in the Celtic calendar. For this ancient society, the year revolved around two main points; on the one hand, since the Celts were an agricultural society, everything was based around the harvest.  "On the other … Continue reading Imbolic


Eostre (Oh-star-ah): The goddess of Spring  "With you, anything is possible the sun warms the winter chills flowers replace the winter snows you remind me that all is attainable nothing is out of reach." “Eostre Goddess of Spring represents the Maiden aspect of the Wiccan Triple Goddess – the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The Maiden … Continue reading Ostara