Year 4: Life, Reflections, Myths, Psyche

This year was filled with a cluster of affirmations related to happiness, self-worth, soul-speech and to not take yourself so seriously. Furthermore, this year had a dash of reflections with Tid-bits of my imagination and a glimpse of a one-day Young Adult novel. Also, this blog year was filled with creative expressions related to the … Continue reading Year 4: Life, Reflections, Myths, Psyche

Dawn within the Night

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The moon and sun are distant lovers, to meet only distantly, opposite from one another. Though neither can be beside one another, one can not be without the other. The sun is the light of the moon, the moon is the other half of the sun; together they are a balancing act of creation. The moon with no sun is only a dark, cold, desolate land, and the sun with no moon to shine light upon is only a fiery ball of unpredictability, always spreading non-stop heat; he only would be a violent ball of destructive heat without his moon to shine on. But there are those rare occasions, when moon and sun come into alignment, and when that happens a night sweeps the landscape, as if there is a dawn within the night.

Let our bodies be an example of this. Our body is the moon, our lover is…

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Fiery Creation

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There’s a moment in time when we meet a person (or persons) who affect us in a deep way that is beyond thought. We feel a distant connection to them, as if it’s more than a physical attraction, but spiritual. It is as if we knew them before, as a spirit, in a world beyond earth, a place beyond time. These people we meet are hard – impossible – to forget. They connect to us, as if they merged into us, an innate part of our being. They are no longer two individuals, but one – when two hearts connect. <<3-<3>

December 9th, 2014

You and I are as one
Two souls connected from a distant time
With me, you are home
I am your comfort from the pain
Shelter from the rain
Life can be cruel
But we rule our…

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Changing with the Seasons: Summertime

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Summer is the height of all the seasons, the end and beginning of the cycle of life. Symbolically, it is the ultimate goal, the point of enlightenment, the highest level of consciousness where the light shines the brightest, longest, and everlasting.

Summer is a celebration of the sun and a season of prosperity. The showers of Spring washed away the ice of winter, and gave nourishment to the dry, bare soil, so that it can once again prosper bountifully with life. The flowers are now in full bloom, trees lush and green, grass soft to the touch under bare feet, and animals are roaming about that once were in hibernation. Herbs, vegetation, and wild grain return to the land, providing nourishment for all. All seems so well, fun loving, and exciting in the heat of summer.

Dance in the Summer's Golden light; shine from the light within Dance in the Summer’s Golden light; shine from the light within

Spiritually speaking…

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The World

The world is full of crime, people doing time
The world is full of pain and suffering, nothing like the one I had in mind
The world has a face of happiness to disguise the sadness
The world is full of war and destruction
Soon nothing will be left, but our pain and distress

The world is full of helpful people, who can make a difference
The world is full of the ones who try to achieve, but fail and don’t try again
The world is full of people who know wrong from right, with evil not too far from their minds
Which one are you?

The world is full of people who are trying to save the crime filled place we live in
The world is full of people who sit back and watch this world crumble into pieces
The world is full of help, but the…

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