Birth of Astrology

Some words of insight on Astrology below, a Pseudoscience I enjoy to ponder on. It is - was - the beginning of Astronomy.   Artist: Lila Violet Study, Fact, Astrology Astrology is the oldest and at the same time currently the most popular of all pseudoscience's. The origins of astrology can be traced back 3,000 … Continue reading Birth of Astrology

The 3rd Eye Hypothesis

I am posting information related to the mystical ‘3rd Eye’, and how it relates to paganism, mythology, and scientific facts of its purpose within the brain. Enjoy, it is a dense but interesting read, and inspired the creation of many dance/yogic forms of exercise or spiritual advancement. Much more to the inner workings of the … Continue reading The 3rd Eye Hypothesis

Myths & Legends of India: The Lacquered Palace

Myth & Legends of India Duryodhana, Dhritarashtra’s eldest son by his wife Gandhari, and thus the leader of the Kauravas, has become consumed with hatred for the Pandavas, mainly because the people of Hastinapura are calling for Yudhishthira (eldest of the Pandavas) to be named as Dhritarashtra’s heir. Duryodhana persuades his father to send the … Continue reading Myths & Legends of India: The Lacquered Palace