Letting Go – We Are Not Alone

“To become is hard; to be is even harder.” Bob Mayer   What do you believe about yourself in this very moment?  A question that comes to my mind after re-reading a quote saved from Esther.teule’s  facebook page. The question inspires awareness of our thoughts and sensations (emotions) inside and outside the body. The question may be the … Continue reading Letting Go – We Are Not Alone

The 3rd Eye Hypothesis

I am posting information related to the mystical ‘3rd Eye’, and how it relates to paganism, mythology, and scientific facts of its purpose within the brain. Enjoy, it is a dense but interesting read, and inspired the creation of many dance/yogic forms of exercise or spiritual advancement. Much more to the inner workings of the … Continue reading The 3rd Eye Hypothesis

Spirit Walks and Nature Talks 2

Discovery my spirit animals: Totem animals of my chakras – creating the inner totem pole  Tips and procedures before beginning meditation: use dream totem exercise for lower 4 chakras [spirit walk category] choose fragrance associated with chakra and candle of correct color -> sort unobtrusive music helps i.e. steady drumbeat rhythms benefits of music: enhances … Continue reading Spirit Walks and Nature Talks 2