Journal Entry – 08/10/2019 – Reflection

I have completed a lot of self-healing this past year, however, healing is as infinite as the soul. Below is a journal entry I wrote last year, at my work, when I was going through confusion, heartache, and low self-worth and self-doubt as I was not feeling competent in my career choice or life path. … Continue reading Journal Entry – 08/10/2019 – Reflection

Let These Tears

Tears are part of the healing process, for we have to feel to heal. Tears speak more than words can, it is our body releasing what no longer serves it, burning karmic energy, or simply just processing raw vulnerability to which is caused by heartbreak, grief, and loss. Through the tears, we grow like a … Continue reading Let These Tears

Seasons Greetings in Love

Check out my article on Harness Magazine, enjoy, Peace & Love ❤

Inside A Soul

Hope you all are having a very special and happy holiday. This will be a post focused on an intense, powerful, emotion: Love.

I spent Christmas day with those I love, and I was given a special gift. It was a necklace of Stirling silver, that held an emblem of a tree with a quote on it stating: be the change you want to see in the world. I thought the gift is very suiting to my personality and chosen path in life. May we all be the change we’d like to see in the world…

Love, ah, such a simple one syllable word, yet so complex with no specific definition. Love, it is defined by all differently, and shown in different ways. Love, such a complex emotion, with more than one dimension, and spoken in all the worlds languages. Body, soul, mind, heart, universal – all is connected in…

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