Life & Death #3: Rebirth

Tidbits from the works of, C.G. Jung: - “In my case it must have been primarily a passionate urge toward understanding which brought about my birth. For that is the strongest element in my nature. This insatiable drive toward understanding has, as it were, created a consciousness in order to know what is and what … Continue reading Life & Death #3: Rebirth

#2 – Life & Death: Death, Rebirth, Afterlife

“The soul, the anima/animus, establishes the relationship to the unconscious. In a certain sense this is also a relationship to the collectivity of the dead; for the unconscious corresponds to the mythic land of the dead, the land of the ancestors. If, therefore, one has a fantasy of the soul vanishing, this means that it … Continue reading #2 – Life & Death: Death, Rebirth, Afterlife