Religion #10: Dogma & Natural Symbols – C.G. Jung

"The true history of the mind isn’t preserved in learned volumes but in the living psychic organism of every individual. Where all sources are collected “four is the origin and root of all nature” – Edward Zeller  The fact that you perceive the voice in your dreams proves nothing at all, for you can also hear the … Continue reading Religion #10: Dogma & Natural Symbols – C.G. Jung

Religion #6: Cultural Diversion

This is another chapter in the Religion series, influenced by the works of C.G. Jung. Below, he expresses the importance of the self in nature and mythology, and how the modern world has separated us from our inner truth of the unconsciousness, to which this truth can still be found in primitive cultures. “The emotional … Continue reading Religion #6: Cultural Diversion


Enneagram Below is detailed information on what an Enneagram is and it’s relation to spirituality, mysticism, and the ‘New Age’ movement. Enneagram is the idea behind a ‘Mandala’, to which represents the wholeness of our Self and personality types. Enjoy some spiritual and scientific information! Source: Idea solar An enneagram is, literally, a drawing with … Continue reading Enneagram