Dream Entry: Dreams & Myths

"When one has such experiences – dreams coming true – one acquires a certain respect for the potentialities and arts of the unconscious. Only, one must remain critical and be aware that such communications may have a subjective meaning as well. They may be in accord with reality, and then again, they may not. I … Continue reading Dream Entry: Dreams & Myths

The Birth of Mother Goddess

I believe in multiple points-of-view related to our Solar System creation and the higher energies of the Earth. I feel, the "GODimage" is both male and female, as we have both energies within us. Here is a tale from Myths & Legends of India, telling a story about India's version of the Mother Goddess. Dark … Continue reading The Birth of Mother Goddess

Alchemy #6

Alchemy and psychology go hand in hand. There is an opposition, a duality, in all of nature. Enjoy your self-discoveries. ❤ c.g.jung collective works vol. iii: Psychology of the transference: Introduction I: Alchemy didn't change into chemistry by gradually discovering how to break away from mythological premises, but it also became and had always been, a … Continue reading Alchemy #6