Ancestral Memory

As a teenager, I spent the majority of my high school lunch periods in the library reading, exploring my imagination, loving my fantasy world which I had control over more than my external reality. The series of books that stuck out most to me in these years was the Earth Children Series by Jean Auel. The series triggered within me … Continue reading Ancestral Memory

Religion #9: Psychological & Religious Ideals

Since religion is one of the earliest and most universal expressions of the human mind, it’s obvious that any psychologist which touches upon the psychological structure of human personality can’t avoid that religion isn’t only a sociological and historical phenomenon, but also something of considerable personal concern to a great number of individuals.  Psychology, while having little … Continue reading Religion #9: Psychological & Religious Ideals

Religion #5: Religious Symbolism & Unconscious Mind – C.G. Jung

“Insofar as the God-image is, from the psychological point of view, a manifestation of the ground of the psyche, and insofar as the cleavage in that image is becoming clear to mankind as a profound dichotomy which penetrates even into world politics, a compensation has arisen. This takes the form of circular symbols of unity … Continue reading Religion #5: Religious Symbolism & Unconscious Mind – C.G. Jung

Science Wonderment 3: Multiple Stages of Consciousness

Multiple stages of Consciousness post was inspired by a multiple of insights over the years. As those whom follow my blog regularly, may notice my interest in the human psyche, and the concept of consciousness. As 80% of our communication is body language, could it be that 80% of consciousness is unconscious as well? Just … Continue reading Science Wonderment 3: Multiple Stages of Consciousness