Whistle of the Wind

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Inside A Soul

“Whistle of the Wind

Let us not go
Where art does not flow
For through art is life
A breath one never knew
Only once the wind blew
And the whistle was sang and heard
The whistle of tree speech
A voice that can’t be breached
That which calls to our souls
Forever heard in our hearts
If only one would listen
Then one can glisten in the light of inner knowledge
A place within is our lodge
Safety and security
Peace and serenity
Let be let be
And one will see
And hear the voice of the knowledge trees
Through the whistle of the wind
                                        (written by ME on 8.5.14)”


Picture found on wordpress @: Islamic Reflections

I wrote this poem sometime this August. Why? I do not know, I wrote what came to me, because the phrase “Whistle of the wind” popped into my head…

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Letting Go: Out with the Old, in with the…. Old?

Model in featured image: Julia Falcin

Check out my article at Harness magazine, a snip-bit from this post from 2015.


Inside A Soul

“The angels whisper words in my ear,
Words I need to hear,
They tell me to let go with no fear”

The past few years have been, at times, challenging, but over all rewarding. I am finding who I want to be, and who I am from within is finally reflecting on the outside. I now have purpose, direction, and self-determination. Many of my dreams and visions of my future are coming to clarity, and this is primarily due to changing thought processes and patterns of behavior.

This past year especially, I have learned to de-clutter, both around my home and within myself. I have let go of some past pattern of behaviors, changed my eating habits slightly, and exercise more. I cleaned out the closets in my home, and donated a lot of clothes to Goodwill. I began journaling, too, about my thoughts and memories. Writing down memories that…

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