Arial de Grey – Ch. 8 – Melancholy & Passion

rial de Grey Chapter 8: Role play 4 with game characters Melancholy & Passion  May – Jun 1456 (2008)   The weald   Melancholy’s Marsh   Quote: It runs until it finds a marshy place. It's paws get a little wet and it dont like it. This melancholy being has never liked water."Maybe I should transform back into human? but i don't want someone to see me... I think … Continue reading Arial de Grey – Ch. 8 – Melancholy & Passion

The Birth of Mother Goddess

I believe in multiple points-of-view related to our Solar System creation and the higher energies of the Earth. I feel, the "GODimage" is both male and female, as we have both energies within us. Here is a tale from Myths & Legends of India, telling a story about India's version of the Mother Goddess. Dark … Continue reading The Birth of Mother Goddess