108 SUN Salutes, meaning of the #108

I have seen the numbers 1 0 8 together the past couple weeks. I frequently look at the clock, at 1:08 – either AM or PM. I have even started to use the Mala beads I have – 3 bands in total, 2 gifts, other I bought – and I have begun chanting. I feel … Continue reading 108 SUN Salutes, meaning of the #108

Religion Post #8: Religion Archetypes & the Soul

Equilibrium: is a religio- careful consideration of ever-present unconscious forces which we neglect at our peril.   The individual's decision not to belong to a church doesn't necessarily denote an anti-Christian attitude; it may be exactly the reverse: a reconsideration of the kingdom of GOD in the human heart. Atenc, in the words of St. Augustine. "The mystcium pascheite" is accomplished "in interioribus a superioribus suis." … Continue reading Religion Post #8: Religion Archetypes & the Soul

Alchemy, Part II

Below is more symbolism related to ancient Alchemy and it's significance within the world around us, and the universe. Enjoy ❤ ~~~*~~~ Alchemy symbols "(Great Work)"  - Sun - Symbol: Gold Crescent Moon - Symbol:- Silver Time and Date Venus - Symbol: Copper  Mars - Symbol: Iron Space Facts Jupiter - Symbol: Tin Mercury - … Continue reading Alchemy, Part II