Infinity Affirmation

 “Infinity is a conscious force that deliberately intervenes in the lives of sorcerers. You will seek explanations with linear cause and effect. Each of your recollections will become more and more vivid, more and more maddening to you, because as I told you already, you have entered an irreversible process. Your true mind is emerging, waking up from a state of lifelong lethargy. 

“Everything you do has to be an act of sorcery. An act free from encroaching expectations, fears of failure, hopes of success. Free from the cult of me; everything you do has to be impromptu, a work of magic where you freely open yourself to the impulses of the infinite.’ Carlos Castaneda – Act of Infinity – Don Juan series 

Freely be you – do the shadow work – embrace the light and dark of you; we are all infinite beings, part of the infinite universe, connected collectively, as one consciousness.

Artist of Featured Image: Linda Meyer Browning

Found @thespiritthatmovesme Facebook page

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