C.G Jung: The Ego

The ego mentioned, the Latin "I", the us that is conscious, interacting and reacting to our external and internal reality(s). The ego, here, is mentioned from a C.G. Jung and Freudian point of view, to get an idea of what this complex three letter word is. Enjoy, Peace, and always, Love ❤ Info primarily collected … Continue reading C.G Jung: The Ego


Myth & Legends of India: Siva Discards His Lingam

Enjoy another tale from Myth & Legends of India  Shiva discards his Lingam 😮 Image found on Wendyj's wordpress blog Pg 43 – 45 In one of the stories of Creation, the three great gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Siva – rose up together from the primal waters. No other creature was there to witness … Continue reading Myth & Legends of India: Siva Discards His Lingam