A smile is so sweet

When it is in matching rhythm of another

Smile tells a story

Filled with little mystery, but sure history

Few can read a smile

The illusion is easy to play

Smile tells a story

A simple gesture with complex

That many perplex

A guilty pleasure

More than many measure

Past the moment grace

That’s played upon the face

Ah, what is in a smile?

Few have known for a while

Let the heart tell

For the heart smiles well

-Written: August 5th, 2014

Monthly affirmation:


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The Light of the Sun

The colors are of great value to Mother Earth. They give life and strength to all living, and non-living, beings. The colors can not be described or explained, they just exist. They can not be seen by the human eye, but only by the blessed and wise. These are very rare. The blessed is hard to find, for they do not even know that they are blessed. This is what makes them blessed. They love all, good and bad, equally and wholly. They do not judge ignorantly, for they are far from ignorant. If you understand this, you may be one of them.

The light of the sun is of grand virtue. This sun is not our solar sun, but the one that gives light to all  beings, living and non, in all of the galaxies and billions of worlds (dead and alive). This light is rarely seen, only by those listed above (blessed and wise). This great light loves us all, good and bad, it does not judge us, as we judge ourselves. It does not make choices for us, for we make our own choices. It does not want our power, for it wants us to have Its power too. People confuse this, though. He doesn’t want to give His power willingly, because not everyone can handle the light and knowledge the light holds. It destroys the ignorant, the weak minded, for this reason, it is hard to reach its light, and those who tried, with no thought of only selfish, they were destroyed by the light, but by their own doing. It was not a punishment. It was a careless misunderstanding of the light.

Though do not feel bad for these souls who have took this fate. Being consumed by the light is a magical experience – you can almost be jealous of the fools. But please do not be, they do return, as a new born, ready to live again, for Eons and Eons and Eons, with little chance of seeing this great light. Yes, it is sad, but do not fear. We all have a chance to grow, to learn, to know. Each living creature gives us knowledge, no matter how simple or small. WE are to take in this knowledge, no matter how meaningless it may seem. This knowledge, even the knowledge the bacteria that makes up you, is what helps us grow. Helps us reach the great Oneness.

The light of this Sun is a humming glorious light… it is named The Great Om…

——————————-{ < 0 > }———————————

            The Great Om is hard to see, even if one is blessed to see the Glorious fiery white light. They can not see it on their own command. Many barriers have to be crossed to view this glorious light – even if this very light is calling for you. It has been calling me for years, this glorious light that lurks even in the shadows.

Drunken Stupor – Racing Thoughts, Racing

I’m learning that what doesn’t kill you helps you grow. I know now, in this drunken stupor, what I don’t wanna be. I watched my life pass me by, as if a silent melody came and went with the night. I’m learning that I want to be of importance within society. Why? I don’t know, but what I do know is that it is more than a dream. This lucid reality…

I hear Rihanna’s song “Diamonds”… “You are like a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy… with you, I’m alive… we’re like diamonds in the sky.

This made me remember my first love who moved away three years ago. He now has a child. I realized the love I thought I felt for him was an illusion.

A lot of aspects of my life, I am realizing, have been illusions, part of a fantasy world I’ve been wanting to be real. I am moving on from the illusion of reality I created, to something greater, possibly greater than myself. What this means I have yet to know, but what I do know is that I see the light at the end of this winding tunnel. What that light truly is has yet to be determined.

Like a dandelion speck blown into the wind, so I will flow; flow with the wind to a space beyond ME.

Stay well. Prosper. Love. Peace  <3

Artist of set image: Seed Moon by Lesley Altlansky

Dream Journal, Entry 2: Dream characteristics and themes

 Dream characteristics and themes:

  • All dreams have patterns that can be interpreted.
  • salient characteristics; chaotic and multiplicity and order; duality; the opposition of light and dark; upper and lower, right and left; the union of opposites in a third, the Quaternary (square, cross); rotation (circle/sphere); and the centering process and radial arrangement that usually follows some Quaternary system Triadic formations are rare apart from the complexio oppostism [opposite complex]. The centering process is the climax of the dream, and is characterized as such by the fact it brings the greatest therapeutic effect. Mythology appears the same as these characteristics.
  • The collective unconscious conditions called “dominate” act as regulators and stimulators of creative fantasy activity and make corresponding formations by availing themselves of the conscious material.
  • Archetypes act as instincts in dreams – regulating, modifying, and motivating content of dreams. Archetypes are “spiritual” or “magical” and come in the form of spirits or ghosts in dreams, also as fantasies that have some sort of effect on the dreamer. An archetype is a spirit or pseudo spirit. They are the essence of all mythologies, religions, and magicism.
  • The underlining of all psychic energy is archetypal and instinct.
  • psychic processes behave like a scale – at one minute it finds in instinct and falls under its influences and at another it slides to the other end where spirit predominates and assimilates the instinctual processes, which is the opposite of it. Spiritual is opposite of instinct. Spiritual and instinct make up the psyche.

 -Collective Works volume 3, C.G. Jung


Dream entry:

The last dream I had before waking up was of Blank. I believe at some point there was 2 other guys, maybe friends of his, I don’t know. The dream had the feel of Utah, like the boys in the dream were his friends from Utah [he was born in Utah]. We weren’t in Utah, though. We were walking on the canal [near my home] and talking to each other. I felt the beginning of a relationship between us. I felt he liked me too in the dream. The dream gave me a feel of happiness. I woke up as he and I were walking back to my house. He said ‘by now I would be kissing you, but I know you don’t want that.’ I did, though, but my familiar hesitation was in me. At that moment I woke up. This was a first night in about a week that I fell into a deep sleep.

(Dreamt on Sat, July 16th, 2010)

Drive people crazy with happiness

Have a great last month of summer, and take note of the subtle changes that are hinting at the coming Autumn (Dragonflies, hummingbirds, tones of leaves and grass, the wind and rains, excreta.

Remember to always have a happy spirit, without a reason for it. Just simply being is reason enough to be happy.


A Tale of the Sufferer

There once lived a man by the name of Zoriah who lived the life of luxury in the city of Bethlehem. He was a religious man, who followed God’s plan, but he had his doubts that grew until he was well into middle age.  He began to doubt God and the way He ran things, because the city he lived in was in deep poverty, even though he was not. He noticed that many suffer, and he took this as God wanting people to suffer. He refused to follow his perception of God’s plan, so he left his city.

Shortly after he left the city of Bethlehem he became ill. He developed Leapers, sores formed upon his flesh, and he became very weak. Soon he was lying upon a bed, people praying around him, knowing he’d soon die. But death he did not receive, for he refused to die.

One day, while he lied upon his sick bed with these sores eating away his flesh, a healer came by. Zoriah only traveled a few hours out of Bethlehem before this illness took over. The healer traveled to him, he was asked by the man’s family to save him.

The healer went by the name Yeshua, but many began to call him Jesus. The healer said to Zoriah, “I will heal your wounds and make you whole again, but first you must answer a question. Do you believe in the mighty GOD?”

Zoriah responded strictly, “No.”

The healer nodded and began the healing process.

Zoriah felt a tingling sensation throughout his body. He felt it in his forehead the most; he felt his thoughts were being tampered with. He yelled out in rage. He believed that this healer was trying to change him, to make him believe in God again. But Zoriah would not stand for it.

He told the healer, “You will not mess with my mind, I will never trust in you or God!”

The healer looked at him with a calm sadness. Instead of responding with words he nodded his head. When he did speak, he spoke no response to Zoriah of God. “Your wounds are healed. You now can wander upon this Earth as you please.”

As soon as Zoriah’s strength was fully regained he left the home he was in and the city to spread his words against God. He gained many followers, but also enemies. He lived year after year, one suffer after the next.

He is now close to 100 years of age, his mind still clear, death calling his name each day.

Zoriah went through many trials and tribulations, causing rebellions against God and His work. He was thrown in jail many a times, beaten, at times tortured, and developed leapers again; sores all over his body that would kill any man in days, but not he. He refused to die. He lived through his illness, this time with no healer to heal him. He lived with the leapers that would weaken him, then they’d pass, but they’d always return.

So he lived another 100 years. One day he entered another town whose people did not stand for his words. He again was thrown in jail, but not the typical cell. He was thrown in a dungeon type place, a place pitch black. The door was shut and locked, never to be opened again.

So he lived, in a dying body filled with sores, a cancer now destroying his organs, no food to nourish his body, only the occasional rat that he’d eat raw while it was still alive. The only drink he had was the water that would leak through the ceiling after a rare rain.

He was in that dungeon for 100 years, he now can no longer move, his skin is like leather.

On his 300th year, the day of his birth, the door of the dungeon creaked opened, hurting his blind eyes that have not seen the sun for over 100 years. He would have yelled out in pain if he had a voice to. A figure came toward him, a figure of white light, a tall being that was all a glow.  He looked up at this figure and immediately knew what it meant.

The figure spoke, “it is time to come home now. Your time is up.” With those words the man did not object. In those few moments he learned the meaning of his life.  Why he was on this planet, and why God wanted him here and kept him a live all these years: it was out of free will. He had free will, the will he fought to keep, all a long. God let him live to learn the lessons he needed to learn. Through suffering he did find the path back to God.

He let the angel guide him home.

The door remained open, and the moment after his passing, and in came a girl and boy of ten years. They found the skeleton with the leather layer of skin, a skeleton of a man who lived 300 years. They came here in search for this very body, the story of Zoriah is still told in their town of Bethlehem, the story of a man who refused to die. They were not sure if this body was the body of Zoriah since it is just a skeleton. They left the cellar still full of wonder.



(Thousands of years ago people once did live as long as this man, some even longer. Many of them were wanderers, finding their way to self realization in the depths of nature).

Story Written: February, 2012

*Bog body found on google images, placed here for image purposes only*


Science Wonderment: Garret Lisis: An 8-dimensional Model of the universe

Particle physics “the branch of physics that deals with the properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles.” (Google definition)

Particle physics, the study of the make up of life. Pattern’s of life and creation; flower of life; A connection to Science Wonderment: Black holes, Time travel

Particle physics combined with quantum physics can help make connections in the structure of our universe.

Garret Lisis: An 8-dimensional Model of the Universe video below:


The dots of creation are connecting in my mind.

Dream Journal: Entry 1, the Nature of Dreams


Artist: Bobrova

the Spirit that Moves Me

Dreams tell us many things about our lives, who we are, and our present situation. Dreams even warn of us of possible danger or toxic relationships. If someone is able to decode some symbol in a dream, they may be able to use it in their own lives to help themselves or others.

This is the first entry of my Dream Journal, where I will make connections of the inner workings of my mind, and how it relates to me and the world around me. Along with my dream entries I will past quotes, tid-bits of information, based of the works of C.G. Jung in relation to dream analysis and significance of dreams in our lives.

Stay tuned.

Found in Jung’s Collective Works, 3rd edition:

Nature of Dreams

“Dreams contain images and thought associations which we can’t create with conscious intent. They come randomly and are representatives of psychic activity. Interpreting these images helps identify transferences and conquer them.

“The universal problem of evil and good is another aspect of impersonal relations to the world, which produces collective compensations. People who go illegitimately “mooning after the infinite” often have absurdly [commonplace] dreams which endeavor to damper down their [vitality]. From the nature of compensations, we can at once draw conclusions as to the seriousness and rightness of the conscious strivings.”



Beginning of Dream Journal, early 2010


“First dream I remember: [My youngest brother and 2 of his best friends, including Blank] were in it. I was at my house, though it didn’t look like my house. : [My youngest brother and 2 of his best friends, including Blank] were on the computer playing [online game]. The graphics were creepy and crappy. They also were bloody. Once : [My youngest brother and 2 of his best friends, including Blank] were off I got on and started playing [online game]. I don’t know how to play it, but somehow in the dream I did. : [My youngest brother and 2 of his best friends, including Blank] came in to watch me”

Written: February, 9th 2o1o


***Blank was mentioned a few times in my journal entries. What this dream means or symbolizes is yet to be determined. Maybe, as I post my dreams, connections will be made.

Music Soul Connection

Music has been a gateway to personal growth, development, and survival throughout the ages; beginning with workers in the fields and servants in the manors, a way to escape and release stress of backbreaking work and hardships. Music has been used through the ages as a way to send messages to loved ones, or the early scientists, as a way to keep information from religious or country leaders. Alchemy, found even in the works of Shakespeare, was used in poetry to form the beginnings of maladies, harmonies, and rhythms that helped define music how we hear it today. It began with a message to an individual, a group of individuals, and then to the world, as well as a way to release emotion and express a plan without one in power realizing what was happening (music wasn’t known in its beginnings, it was mostly ‘noise’ not something to really take into consideration that’d influence a

Almost every poem I write is influenced by a song I hear on the radio. Music, to me, is a way to connect to the soul. You never know what a song will help you realize until you sit down and take the time to really listen. That song that repeats over and over in your head, listen to it and truly hear what it is telling you. What is the meaning of the song and its relation to you? Our minds are a tool for survival, emotions play a role in our survival and music is emotion/feeling… listen to what that song is saying; listen to why you put that song on repeat. Listen. It’s all connection to the soul; soul speech.


Tales and Insights: Uriel


James Powell and Sons Mosaic

This is a short story, inspired by insights I received back in 2010, and the desire to write it ignited in 2013, after a meditation.

It was dark when I fell. Too. Dark. The cold was strong and great; it chilled my very soul to the point of numbness – past the point of numbness. That is where the blood lust began.

Why did you fall, you asked? or do you mean how? Either question there is no easy answer, let alone in words.

I was once a child of GOD; brave and good, strong willed and young. I was one of the first who was chosen after the first cycle of []. I was one of the “lights”, those chosen lights. I was one of the brightest lights, a golden orange of sorts; a light well noticed by the GODhead (source).


I was around before the planets, back when there was only one universe instead of several, back even before the formation of the planets, lights; back when there was only the FATHER (source), ME, and MOTHER (ring)

(see photo below, one ring of several)

Scan0012 1

There was no spiral of life in the picture I am now creating. In fact, there was little light, the source was small in size, Mother invisible, and energy was becoming prosperous, more and more by the seconds. This was even before your Angels. The lights were just a beginning…

These light energies formed into other beings, other entities that one day will (or was) have a name, a form given by Earth humans and humans from other planets that formed in other universes, but that story is yet to be told.

Over time more and more “lights and streams of frequency” escaped from the GOD source.


(the “eye”)

These lights and frequency over time turned into planets, the seas, and the humans. As the lights changed, I did as well. The Source became larger and more complex, just as the energies that escaped from It has.

There were no rulers, no guidelines, yet no will to be free. With these came the “animal” nature of the creations of the Source. They needed guidance, a way to know their WILLs… But that’s another’s story, not mine, mine comes from the aftermath of that particular story… (the devil’s rejects).

Scan0011 3.jpg

(spurts of energy coming from a source (would look better i color))

The fall happened when I was only human, before the Dark Ages fully began. It was a year not yet defined, but now would be defined as before the year (1023). Year does not matter, the fact is the time-frame is near this suppose year. It was a time of great sorrow for some, but more so confusion for the majority. I was one of the few in the dark, for I was not part of the Roman control – My family and I were not worthy of their notice. We were the vagabonds, or lower, the “forgotten” who do the work the peasants wouldn’t even do; the ones who get paid not with even a slavery wage, but in stone and wood that could be used for building. We had to find our own way for food, the food that no one would give us.

With the sticks and stones we were paid in, we built our home of rocks. You may be thinking, how sturdy could a stack of stones be? It was built for a barrier against what is to come. Little did the rulers know that their sticks and stones would be of use to us “ignorant” forgotten ones.

Though we didn’t associate in society, society disowned us long ago, we learned from observing their actions. We didn’t speak their language, but that is because we were not allowed to. Little did they know that our minds absorbed their words and translated them into our own ancient tongue. They were too blissfully ignorant to realize they were the ignorant ones; they were the ones who knew little. Their gold and silver was their only power, and that is only greed, once those objects are gone they have nothing left to keep them strong. An army isn’t even useful against an unclean, untarnished, undefined mind that has not had to conform to a way of a particular society.

We were disowned by our appearance, more or less, we didn’t absorb the heat of the sun in the same way the people of the east and west did. The sun had no affect on us, and this put fear on the people who saw us. WE didn’t look like them; they didn’t understand what didn’t look the same as the rest. Our eyes were black, our skin was pale, we had no preference of hot or cold, our skin was always cool, and our hearts had a slow beat, so slow in fact that many thought we were the walking dead, whatever that phrase means.

We weren’t there to harm anyone, only to learn, but the way we were treated discouraged us to care for the creatures that treat us lower than a vagabond. We had a pulse, a mind, and a sense of understanding. We weren’t violent, but we saw the violence and fear in these people’s eyes. We didn’t want to help them, so we did not speak in their tongue. They had no translators, so they put us off as fools who can not be taught, unclean creatures that came from the depths of somewhere distant and unknown. Their insults, their taunts, and their stones put us off. We eventually decided to not trust in these humans. This is where the story begins.

As the barrier wall we built became taller, long enough and wide enough to enclose us, we began to place stones in the empty space we used as, what you’d call, a door way. One day the last stone was placed and we were enclosed behind this wall, located beside a hill, on the outskirts of the city, but not too far from the city to not hear the sounds of the ignorant.

We enclosed ourselves behind this barrier. We sat with no verbal discussions; there were five of us in total. We sat and listened, absorbed the energies, sounds, and communications we heard and sensed from beyond our wall. The longer we sat – may have been days, weeks, months, years, we did not count – the more we despised these people. In us formed an empty dark emotion that was focused on these people: hate. We began to feel hate, a feeling that was never in us before landing upon Earth. WE did not like the people’s petty violence, nor their harsh words and behaviors used against their own kind, in what they call their family and community.

One day the familiar sounds became disturbed with a feeling of panic. The sound of many horse hooves, many pairs of feet stomping the earth, and sound of loud noise such as the roaring of a fire signaled to us a change in this society. War was now upon them, Roman invasion, caused by a disagreement between two societies. A petty excuse, but it was to our advantage.

Within our group there was one individual who held the emotion hate the strongest, who used it to gain it’s own power, and to form a new emotion yet existing to our species: revenge. This being’s eyes showed a different depth of darkness; his physique was a little more peculiar, if only slightly. He was somewhat taller than the rest, but his body structure was similar as the others. This being became the leader of the group which had no leader, this being was ME.

My new emotion of revenge brought images to my mind which turned into thoughts, word thoughts. These images were of beings that do not exist in any universe, but would work well as the object of ignorant people’s nightmares. You see, I have the ability to create dreams, inspire creative thinking, to give new perspectives. The only perspective I wanted to give these people was one of fear – real fear, not the plastic fear they have for those not like them.

My thoughts were felt by my group members, but I know they didn’t affect them the same way. Our species isn’t violent, but they knew what I intended to do, and they stood by my view. They absorbed my thoughts and telepathic instructions. We waited for the time to act.

One day we sensed a person too close to our barrier.

The change in the atmosphere, the change in the energies given off from the people, stirred us from our meditative state. I was the first to stir. I raised my head from its bowed position and looked straight ahead, past the being of my group, and to the stone wall. As I raised my head, so did the others, who all turned in my direction, as if waiting for an order. I looked at my group, the beings of my race, and I gave a slight nod, which they gave back in return. We all stood up from our sitting position in a flawless, none stiff way, as if we haven’t been sitting in the same position for days. We waited.

And then the action happened. A whistling noise was heard, as if something was flying in the air in a rapid pace, heading to a target. We knew the target to be our barrier. The hot iron rock hit our barrier, causing it to collapse, but we had speed beyond what these humans had. I made the first move, and the others followed. We jumped past the falling wall before the stone hit the earth, the hot iron rock having no affect on immortal beings as us.

The person outside our barrier saw the wall begin to fall and us charging over it and he ran in terror. We paid no mind to him. Our aim wasn’t him, but the city before us.

My group wasn’t sure of my aim, but they felt a need to release this emotion of hate somehow, so they trusted my judgment. We flew past the wall, and the human collapsed out of petrified fear as we swept past him. We did not kill him, but the troops on horse back behind us did by trampling him to death.

We swooped through the crowd. All they saw were flashes of black, for we moved with quick speed, as if we moved through the air. In fact, many humans thought that is exactly what we did, but it was all part of our illusion. Each human we passed we sent images of horror, images of their own inner fears as well as new images I instinct in them. The images consisted of distorted figures, such as what you may call orcs, giants, and golems as well as distorted human figures that look like bats, or may have fangs like a carnivore, all wanting warm human blood. These images were new to these people, and it instinct a panic that we were hoping for. They began attacking us, throwing their weapons and attacks toward us, but not one hitting us. Instead, it was hitting each other. Soon they were fighting each other, not knowing anymore who the enemy is and who is not. Brothers fought their own brothers, sisters the same. Soon they were killing each other, and this satisfied the hunger of my own people.

My group wanted to stop there and go no further than that city, but I wanted more. Seeing the humans kill each other because of the images I created, seeing the power I could gain from this, blinded my vision and mind from reason. For the first time I did not agree with my group, and for the first time they began to feel what you’d call worry. They began to argue with me in a human way, saying it’s not our way, what we have done was enough, and that we must return home. I laughed, a human laugh, which was strange to them.

Once my group saw that I was not going to reason they sacrificed their body they have here on earth by letting the people kill them. I watched as they entered the crowd of violence, and I watched as the swords and arrows went through them. My group’s bodies instantly disappeared. I knew I was alone on this earth – the only one of my kind – and this thought satisfied me. But I now developed a new emotion: greed.

I went from town to town, city to city, village to village, continent to continent, spreading these fears, causing many murders and societies collapsing. This went on for a period of years, centuries maybe, I don’t even know for I never kept time. Through this time, I had forgotten where I originally came from and who I originally was. I assimilated to these humans. I created the image that I was a human many times, just to see what it was like, and soon I became as ignorant as they, but I still had the power I wanted.

I was called back to my original position many times, called from the place I came from, called by the other lights, for I have to fulfill my position. I eventually couldn’t hear their call anymore, but that didn’t mean they weren’t still watching, planning, and searching for a way to get me back. The day came where they found their chance.

I was portraying human somewhere in an eastern city, southeast of what you’d call Africa. I was curious about an earth woman. I wanted to experience the full human experience so that I could properly control them. My eyes caught a woman who I knew would fall in love with my image. I took the chance of appearing to her, and she invited me to her tribe. There I spread the word of beings beyond this planet, and beings who watch over this planet, as well as power that could be gained here on this planet that could make their poor village rich. I told them they no longer need to pray to the gods that they created, for I was one of those beings from beyond this earth, and that all they needed to do was follow me.

The woman who I first appeared to was still upon her, and I knew it was only a matter of time that I’d get to experience fully what it was to be human. The night came when it was to happen. A peculiar feeling I was feeling, a feeling I never felt. It was the feeling of worry, close to fear, the feeling my group felt before they returned to their world. I knew after the deed I was about to do was done that something would be forever changed, but what? I did not know.

And so the night came, and the deed happened. Afterwards, a strange feeling came over me that was beyond the experience that happened. I felt a pressure in my chest and a pulling sensation where the human heart is located. What’s happening to me? was my human thought. The pulling sensation increased and I felt lightheaded. Realization struck me: my soul was being pulled from my body. I was experiencing a human death.

The woman was lying beside me, but she was fast asleep, unaware of anything past her dreams. As my soul left my body, my body disappeared. My soul returned to the universe, to the world it came from.

I was before the High Council, those whom place judgment upon the souls. I was once part of this council, of which only four remain: the four members of my group I once belonged. They each had their own image, their own illusion that they created for themselves, and I saw them in each one of their illusions, but not at first. At first they appeared to me in only shadowy figures with glowing eyes.

 Scan0005 8

(picture of the “four”)

One was the voice of all four, and the voice was deep and stern, ‘You have forsaken us.’ And image by image they showed me my life, as if in a film strip, from beginning to end in fast forward images. I felt no remorse, and they knew I felt no remorse. Then a question was asked. “Do you believe in the source and its power?”


“Yes,” was my non-emotional response.

‘Will you follow the source?’

‘No! I will never follow! I have made my own power, I have changed the world! I do not need to follow the source any longer.’

There was no word response, only an action. The four figures changed: first into one large shadowy figure with glowing eyes, then the figure melted into only a large eye, which then faded into an image of a skull, then spread and swirled into an image of a large glowing hand that moved toward me to grasp my soul.

I screamed out in fight, but I could not move. I knew I was no match against them, but I continued to fight for I knew I was right. I had my own power that could grow beyond the sources power.

They threw me into a 25-life-cycle after a hellish journey through many obstacles that caused great pain to my soul. Cycle included a ring of fire, sharp horns, taunts, and old memories constantly repeating into my soul that became overwhelming and I could not block them while remaining in a dark cold room. I was then thrown down to Earth to live a human life.

Each human life was longer than the previous. My first life I died as a child, second, adolescence, and so on and so on. After the end of each cycle I was placed before the Four

Judgments and asked the same questions, which I continuously answered no to. I came back weaker, and weaker, after each cycle my power being drained from me, yet I refused to give in.

And then came the rising of Christ, the turning of the world, a revolution. My work ended, all forgot about me and my deeds, the stories and images turned into legends and myths the majority no longer believed. Many went back to their gods, and others worshiped the Christ figure.

On my last life, long after the sacrifice of Christ, I gave in to their question. I was weak, too weak to live another life, too weak to go through hell. I had no choice but to give in or perish. I finally answered loud and clear, with all my might, “YES, I BELIEVE! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS AGAIN!” I was in tears of surrender – yes souls do cry.

The four judgments were satisfied to my answer. I was sent to heaven, to the light place which burnt my eyes and skin, I was in the dark for so long. I roamed the place aimlessly, the beings there giving me no mind. The place had a floor like a cloud, of which on none walked upon, for all glided with ease, appearing as if floating. Above this place was nothing but a sky, starry or bright blue, whichever you wanted it to appear to be. There were doors that lead to wherever you wanted to roam. All could create what they wished here, and all sang a harmonious tune. All was bright and light, and the brightness pained my dark pupils. I attempted to talk to a nearby soul, to ask them about this place, but the soul appeared to not see me. I kept attempting to talk to all that would pass me by but still all ignored.

I was panicked again, I felt weak and pain filled me still. I collapsed to my knees, bowed my head and covered my face; I still held an image of a human. I felt the softness of the cloudy floor as I cried in anguish. I felt the slow sinking feeling of falling through the clouds, yet I never did fall through.

A humming vibration was felt throughout the entire heavens and an ‘om’ sound was heard. I removed my hands from my face and looked up. Before me was a large golden gate that began to open, and as it did a great light began to spill through. I let out a scream of pain and closed my eyes tight, but the brightness of the light still hurt my eyelids.

Just as soon as the light came, it was gone and I was able to open my eyes. When I did the gates were gone, and before me was a row of rooms that had clear windows and doors. The light in this place was bright, but not as bright as the rest of the world. This room had a white floor that was not clouds, and a ceiling that was not a sky. It appeared to be some building, but I knew it was only an illusion.

I walked slowly forward, a feeling of awe and curiosity filled me. I looked from side to side, looking into every room. There were six rooms in total, and each one had a class of souls with a teacher; a teacher of great height and invisible wings. When I came to the last room, the last one to the left of me, I saw that this one had only a few people inside and no teacher present. It was as if they were waiting for their teacher to arrive. I was standing in front of the clear door, peering in. The door opened on its own accord and all looked at me. Many eyes widened, as if they knew who I was, and some began to whisper to each other. Some of the whispers I heard, such as: ‘Is he our teacher?’ ‘I have heard of him, he’s… and he has done… I thought his soul was destroyed?’ ‘He doesn’t look like the image I saw before…’

These whispers confused me more. I walked to the farthest point of the classroom. There was an empty chair before me, but I did not feel like sitting. Instead I stood in this far corner, where the only shadow resided. I waited as the others did for the teacher, but the wait wasn’t long.

In walked a figure in a white robe that had shoulder length hair, facial hair, and brown eyes. This image was different than the other teachers; I knew he was no angel. I knew him as Christ, and anger rose in my being. My facial expression darkened as my eyes landed upon him. He stood now in the front of the room where all could see him clearly. His eyes were on me as mine were on his. He said only one word as he gestured me to come forward, ‘come,’ in a calm voice that showed no authority. I found myself moving forward, standing now in front of him. ‘Sit,’ he said in the same tone. I looked beside me and there was a free seat, in front of the class.

I obeyed and sat down on the wooden seat and placed my arms on the wooden table. I looked to my right and saw a young girl sitting beside me, staring at me in bewilderment. I saw into her soul and knew her as a follower of the witches’ path, who in her human life had no belief in the GODsource or Jesus. I looked away from her and back to the figure before me, the so-called Christ.

He spoke of many things, words of light and darkness, the difference between the two, what we can do for each other, and the difference between the galaxies and universes. His words went on and on, for days on end. Each one of us sat and listened, and as he spoke he showed us the worlds up on worlds he speaks of. We were experiencing his words as he spoke, and we were becoming renewed with each passing word.

One day his words did end, and when they did the others left, but I remained. He looked to me and said, ‘Come,’ in his calm non-authoritative tone. I obeyed and he took me on a trip through the galaxies, speaking no word but showing me the destruction I had caused. He also showed me the people who follow him and the others who do not, and he showed no remorse nor revenge for those who do not follow him. ‘They all have the free will to choose their own path, as you have the free will to do the same,” he’d say to me. Before I could object, saying I had no free will, and if I did I’d still have the power I once had. He went on, ‘Though we have free will, at times one’s will must be broken in order to gain more power, for we at times lose sight of our true purpose, and attempt to gain power where no power is needed.’

I then asked a question, ‘what do I do to gain back my power rightfully? What can I contribute to the universe?’ his response, ‘you be the guide that they need to fulfill their purpose, so that they can reach a higher consciousness and  to become one with the Source. The ways to do this is within you, you only have to let yourself believe it. I have a task for you, and if it is fulfilled you may claim your former position. You have the ability to create and give creativity and insight to others, I advise you to guide others to find their talents. You can do this by becoming a spirit guide to a soul who needs guidance.’

‘But which soul? There are so many.’

‘I will let you choose. The soul will come when the time is right.’

And with those words he was gone and I was back in the cloudy place.

I roamed aimlessly around, searching for a soul to guide. I was drawn to a crowd of souls circling a particular soul who was pink and lavender, and with this soul were four beings that were large in height. I knew them as the Four Judgments. They were giving this soul a task, and she seemed willing to accept. The portal began to open that would send her to the human world, but she was frightened to go and dashed; she hid where others did not know. All looked from side to side in confusion. The four judgments saw me observing, I was blending well in the crowd or so I thought. They said, find her telepathically to me.

I propelled an image to the soul, an image of a pebbled beach with a cloudy sky, and upon this beach a mountain with a cave. This is where the soul had no choice but to stop and rest at, and so she did. I saw her sitting upon the pebble beach, knees curled up to her chest, her head bent behind her knees in a covered protection, and she was crying. Yes, souls do cry.

I appeared on this beach some distances away from her, but not too far away where she could not see me. She looked up from her knees, her crying ceased, and she looked straight in my direction. She stood up as I walked towards her. She fled inside the cave. I continued my walk to her, and in the cave she was crouched down trembling.

‘Listen girl,’ I told her. ‘I am here to show you what you are to become. You will feel hell, lonely, and depression in your future human life, and confusion that will last well into your teen years. You will begin to feel a longing for something more than what you feel your petty life is, and you will wish death to come. You will feel fear, and through this you will find strength, happiness, and realize love through the support of your family. Through my stern guidance, you will find your creativity and what you are to become. The obstacles you find will strengthen you. With my help, you will become what you are to be and fulfill your path.’ After my words I helped her to her feet and we walked together back to the portal. She said something to the four that I did not understand, but it was satisfactory to the Four Judgments. She then lifted her right hand in a 90 degree angle, and some did the same to her. She then walked through the portal, entering a human existence.

This life is still on the earth today. I have yet to fulfill my old position, but this life is prospering beautifully with the help from myself and other spirit guides the soul met along her human existence. I will one day have the power I once had, to spread my knowledge throughout the universes.

My tale does not end here, but for now this is the short version of my tale… An unfinished tale, but my words will once again be heard. Someone will listen and hear, and that one person will spread the knowledge. Knowledge is power, and through it one can grow. Even a troubled being such as I know knowledge is the key to fulfillment, success, and growth… May you grow and prosper through the seeds of knowledge…

Some lore on Uriel

The Golden Legend by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: