The Legend of Hanuman, tale 3: Hanuman and the Herbs

Continuation from The Legend of Hanuman found through Synchronicity, tale 2: Hanuman's Childhood “Hanuman and the Herbs Pg. 39 in: Myths and Legends of India  “In the epic story of the Ramayana (which tells how the Rakshasa king Ravana abducted Rama’s wife Sita, and how Rama and his brother Lakshmana, assisted by the noble monkey-god … Continue reading The Legend of Hanuman, tale 3: Hanuman and the Herbs


Changing with the Season

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Inside A Soul

A new season is here, in many parts of the “northern hemisphere”  leaves have changed from green to yellow, to shades of orange, and as the season deepens and winter nears, shades of brown. With each changing hue comes shifts in our energy fields – some individuals are aware of their energy changes, others are not or appear unaffected; it is all based on perception and belief.

With the coming of Autumn, for me, came a feeling of a mixture of happiness and a feeling of sadness, yet a decrease of my anxiety. I can look at this state of being symbolically in this way: as the temperature begins to drop, and the earth’s colors change, green grass begins to yellow and slow decease, as does the leaves upon the trees and animals prepare for hibernation, I to begin to change. I feel, so-to-speak, a part of me is “dying”…

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Year 3: Dreams, Reflections, and Creative Expressions

Like a caterpillar whom transforms into the butterfly, I and you are forever evolving. I have entered my third here at, and I still enjoy posting my writings, insights, and information on Analytical Psychology, Mythology, Art, and tid-bits of the growing pains and emotions of life. This year was mixed with the typical reflections … Continue reading Year 3: Dreams, Reflections, and Creative Expressions