Spirit Speech


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There is a voice that which echoes inside us all, the voice of Spirit – Spirit speech. It is as loud as the whisper of the wind, and felt as lightly as a breath upon warm skin. It is the first thought that enters the mind, but stated so quietly it can easily be missed. The voice of the spirit is rarely loud, but it is always there. This voice is our inner guidance, called by many names, but in true reality has no real definition that can be spoken in linguistic terms. Rather than in Earth linguistics, Spirit speaks a universal language, one that is both old and young, for it never had a sense of time, it existed before time itself, before Earth was more than a ball of fire, before the waters even entered the biosphere of earth; it is the very ancient, enigma, voice of creation, the essence of Being itself, the rare essence of US. No matter the tone of your skin, dialect of voice, or culture customs and beliefs, this voice is within us all. We all hear it in our own ways, and many poets wrote of the voice, either the ones in drunken stupors or psychotics to the most sober of all; many a novelist, poets, musicians, artists of all kinds, spoke of this voice, even to this date. It is our inner calling, our inner truth, our inner knowledge of who we are, who we are to be, our purpose on this earth and within the universe. A calling that cannot be defined in words but only felt and lived in the sense of being, stillness, and nothingness.

September 1st, 2014
Angel Whispers

The angels whisper words in my ear
Words I need to hear
They tell me to “let go” with no fear
The angels now whisper the words I refused to hear
The words I didn’t listen to in yesteryear
Now I hear them, feel them too
I’m letting go of the past, memories, to get to the future
Which is NOW, it’s true
I’m letting go
To look at the Now
And be in “wow”
At all the perspectives before me
In the essence of just being
Only in angel speech do my thoughts NOW speak
My future is NOW
Success will be
Only in the NOW, my perspective is clear
In Angel speech and rhyme
With no sense of time
Bye, bye, thoughts
Bye, bye, time
Hello, hello, all possibilities
All in serendipity

Poem also posted in my post: Out with the Old, in with the… Old?

Follow that inner voice, your inner calling; cease the thoughts of the mind and enter your heart where the voice resides.

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